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Fitness enthusiast, events manager, Philly native.


Lose weight and manage PCOS symptoms.

chelsea before and after
If you want a piece of chocolate, have a piece of chocolate, don’t feel bad about it, and get back to your day of healthy eating; one indulgence doesn’t ruin your day.

What prompted you to make a change?

My weight has fluctuated for so long with diet and exercise and I really wanted to make something stick. Since I was a teenager, I would try all the different fad diets and lose weight, gain it back, lose it, and the cycle would continue.  I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 25 and it’s been a struggle health and confidence wise. I was active in high school playing basketball, soccer, and tennis, but when I was 17, I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus during an indoor soccer game and my knee and activity level was never the same.

How has your life and health changed since working with OnPoint Nutrition?

I feel so much stronger and my endurance has improved, which gives me motivation to keep making healthy choices. I make time to plan and prep my meals each week and schedule workout classes. I actually like working out and am excited to go to class. I also prefer walking over taking public transportation.

Insulin resistance is a big thing with PCOS, so I aim to eat less starches and choose better starches like whole grain bread and brown and wild rice. I also eat more fruits and veggies, and drink about 75 to 100 ounces of water per day.

I have been doing HelloFresh meals for over a year. I get three meals delivered weekly and it helps me stay on track. If I’m going out to dinner or going to an Eagles game, I’ll work out in the morning, save my starches for the event and have a lot of veggies, water, and protein during the day. It’s all about balance.

What have you learned since working with the nutritionists at OnPoint Nutrition?

One of the biggest takeaways since working with OnPoint is that I don’t have to be perfect every single day. I used to say, ‘Okay, this week is absolutely no carbs, no sweets, no cheese,’ and then I’d indulge in [sweets at the office] and get down on myself about it. Now I know if you want a piece of chocolate, have a piece of chocolate, don’t feel bad about it, and get back to your day of healthy eating; one indulgence doesn’t ruin your day.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about working with OnPoint Nutrition?

It is not easy at all, but it is worth it. You need to put in the work and make plans! It takes time and is not going to happen overnight, but it is so rewarding.

What part of your transformation are you most proud of ?

I’m most proud my weight loss. I am also really proud of my dedication and my motivation. I never thought I would be someone who loves working out, plans their workouts a week out, or works out in the morning.

Zoe Fienman


Chelsea worked exclusively with our team member Zoe Fienman RD, LDN, CDE. Zoe believes a healthy diet is a diet that fits your lifestyle and is filled with an abundance of wholesome foods that are nutritious and flavorful!

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