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In The News


SHAPE: Best Online Nutritionists for Chronic Health Conditions 

Our team was voted 'Best Online Nutritionists for Chronic Health Conditions' by the editors of SHAPE magazine.  Our individualized, long-term approach to sustainable lifestyle changes was just what their team was looking for. Thank You SHAPE!

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VeryWellFit: Best Overall Online Nutrition Coaches

Our team was voted 'Best Overall' nutrition program by the editors of VeryWellFit!  Our nationwide availability, non-diet approach to eating, and ongoing support for our clients made this decision a no-brainer (or at least we think so!).

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The Worst Nutrition "Advice" Real Nutritionists Have Seen on Instagram

Our team shares their expert advice with Philadelphia Magazine's BeWellPhilly on what Instagram fads to stay away from if you're looking to live your fullest life. 

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Leslee with apple

How to Safely Work Out and Eat Well During a Heat Wave, According to Philly Wellness Pros

OnPoint Nutrition Registered Dietitian, Leslee Sholomskas shares her expert advice on how to properly hydrate and fuel your body for workouts during the hot summer months. 

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Philadelphia 6 ABC Health Check

Medical Reporter and Registered Nurse (RN) Ali Gorman, interviewed sisters Kara and Kristin about their success with our team. 

The sisters have enlisted the help of 20 of their closest friends and family as well, together losing over 500 lbs!

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Story shot on location at The Girard

This Is It TV

OnPoint Nutrition founder, Britney Kennedy had the pleasure of sharing the OnPoint story with Cheldin Barlett Rumer on Philadelphia's This Is It TV.

Check it out to learn more about our philosophy and why "one size fits all" just doesn't work!

Alyssa's success before and after

Be Well Philly - Transformation

Be Well Philly editor, Caroline Cunningham, interviewed our client Alyssa to learn more about her amazing transformation.

Not only has Alyssa lost 35 lbs, she has gained confidence and a new outlook on her health and over all well being. Alyssa's advice? - “That you really CAN do it. I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s really true. If you set your mind to something, with the right tools and support system, you can make it happen!”

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Britney Holiday Podcast cover

Conscious Eating: A Practical Approach for the Holidays and Beyond!

An Interview with Parenting Coach, Sue Decaro

Creating a practical approach to food around the holidays and every other day is a key ingredient in living a healthy life. Founder and CEO, Britney Kennedy, talks about how important an "all foods fit mentality" is for our children and our family.

Listen Here

chelsea before and after

Philadelphia 6 ABC News Health Check

Medical Reporter and Registered Nurse (RN) Ali Gorman, interviewed our client Chelsea to learn more about her health and fitness journey.

During the interview, Chelsea shares her philosophy of why fit is the new thin!

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Philadelphia 6 ABC News Health Check

Medical Reporter and Registered Nurse (RN) Ali Gorman interviewed Registered Dietitian Emily Pierce RD, LDN, our founder Britney Kennedy and client Melissa to learn about OnPoint Nutrition's approach to weight loss.

During the interview, Melissa shares her 30 lbs. weight loss journey and how her life has changed since starting.  Our personalized approach to weight loss and healthy living was just what Melissa needed to jump start her new lifestyle!

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PHL17 news room

PHL17 - Make Your Body Great Again, Around the Holidays

OnPoint Nutrition paired up with Matt Alba from PHL17 to fight the dreaded 2016 Holiday Bulge.

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chester county daily screenshot

Chester County Daily Local News

The Daily Local news featured OnPoint Nutrition in their business section.  We look forward to meeting new clients in Chester County!

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chelsea f before and after

Be Well Philly - Transformation

Be Well Philly editor, Caroline Cunningham, interviewed our client Chelsea to learn more about her amazing transformation.

Chelsea's transformation is certainly one full of blood, sweat and tears! With the help of our friends at BPM Fitness, Chelsea lost 45 lbs. and feels stronger than ever.  Chelsea's advice? - “It is not easy at all, but it is worth it. You need to put in the work and make plans! It takes time and is not going to happen overnight, but it is so rewarding.”!”

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Philadelphia 6 ABC News Health Check

Medical Reporter and Registered Nurse (RN) Ali Gorman interviewed nutritionist Britney Kennedy and client Mara to learn about OnPoint Nutrition's approach to weight loss and how our service is different from the competition.

During the interview, we shared how our virtual counseling model is convenient, our meal outlines are easy to follow, and the real-time support gives you the accountability and advice when you need it most. 

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philadelphia inquirer screenshot

Philadelphia Inquirer - A 'Nutritionist in your Pocket'

Small business journalist Diane Mastrull wrote about our virtual approach to weight loss and nutrition, supported by processes that facilitate regular contact between nutritionist and client.

The story also includes a vote of confidence of our virtual approach from Penn State professor John Hustad, who remarked "I think it's going to be a general trend in interventions, just as we've seen with the incorporation of electronic communications in our everyday life."

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webinar screenshot

Technology Start Up Nudge

Nudge offers food logging capabilities and interactive sessions with nutrition coaches.  Nutritionist Britney Kennedy was quoted in a recent blog post

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Best Online Nutrition Coaches Of 2023

The article presents a list of the best online nutrition coaches, with Onpoint Nutrition being named the best overall online nutrition coach. This article highlights the benefits of working with a qualified nutrition coach for achieving various health goals, including weight management, muscle building, and improving one's relationship with food. The article emphasizes the convenience and accessibility of online nutrition coaching, making it easier for people to receive comprehensive care from registered dietitian nutritionists without having to visit a clinic. 

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Forbes Health

Liz Cook, one of OnPoint's registered dietitians, contributed to an article in Forbes about the potential health risks associated with the Dr. Sebi diet. She notes that while plant-based diets have been shown to have health benefits, the Dr. Sebi diet is much more restrictive and may lead to nutrient deficiencies, particularly in protein and vitamin B12. Cook warns that following this diet in the long term is risky due to its restrictive nature and the potential for nutrient deficiencies.

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Well + Good

Liz Cook, one of OnPoint's registered dietitians, provided expert input on the topic of body checking behaviors in an article.  She outlines various forms of body checking, such as weighing oneself often, scrutinizing one's body in the mirror, pinching or poking areas of the body, comparing one's body to others or past versions of oneself, and seeking reassurance from others about one's body. Cook warns that body checking can become problematic if it interferes with normal daily routines or takes up excessive amounts of time. 

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Alex Joseph Talks Fitness

The article in Bustle highlights the row exercise as an effective way to work the upper body. Alexander Joseph, an expert trainer and client experience specialist with OnPoint Nutrition, explains that the rowing motion involved in the exercise targets the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and/or rhomboids, as well as the biceps and triceps. Joseph notes that working these muscles can have numerous benefits, including improved postural alignment, reduced pain from muscle weakness, and improved health of accessory muscles like the shoulders and forearms.

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Experts Talk Health Mistakes

In this article, Liz Cook, a registered dietitian, highlights the common mistake of focusing solely on calorie intake while neglecting the quality of food consumed. Liz stresses that while quantity is important, it should not overshadow the importance of food quality. She cautions that consuming junk food and meeting daily calorie needs may not be healthy in the long run. On the other hand, a diet that comprises a variety of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats can meet the calorie needs while promoting good health. 

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kaitlyn salad 2

Kaitlyn Weighs in on High Protein Snacks

The article in Pop Sugar highlights the importance of incorporating protein-rich foods in meals and snacks to boost protein intake. The article suggests that including protein-dense snacks in one's diet is a smart choice, as it is essential to have protein at all meals, including snacks, according to Kaitlyn Willwerth, MS, RD. High-protein snacks give the body sustained energy and help individuals feel and stay full between meals. These snacks are especially beneficial after exercise, as they help the body repair and regenerate after a workout.

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FOX29 - Nutrient Defi

Fox 29: Signs You May Be Nutrient Deficient

In this morning news clip from Fox 29, Britney Kennedy, the CEO of OnPoint Nutrition, talks about the importance of getting all the necessary nutrients in our diets. Kennedy emphasizes the need for a balanced diet that includes all the essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. She also mentions that while supplements can be helpful in some cases, they should not be a replacement for a healthy diet.

Watch the full clip on Fox 29
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.23.03 PM

Fox 29: Quick & Healthy Weeknight Meals

FOX 29 discusses some quick and healthy meal options for busy nights with OnPoint Nutrition CEO Britney Kennedy. She acknowledges that cooking can be challenging when tired and hungry, and offers solutions to help readers make healthier choices. By focusing on quick and easy meal options, readers can ensure they get the nutrients they need without sacrificing time or energy.

Watch the full clip on Fox 29
Diabetes - Medical Concept on Grey Background with Blurred Text and Composition of Pills, Syringe and Stethoscope. 3D Render.

Best Diabetes Management Nutrition Coach

OnPoint Nutrition has earned the title of the best online nutritionist for diabetes management, thanks to its unique approach that offers goal-oriented care while avoiding the pitfalls of diet culture. This approach has enabled OnPoint to provide much-needed assistance to those who need better control of their food intake to manage their conditions, particularly diabetes. 

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Nutrition Counseling-moz

Best Overall Nutrition Coach - VeryWellFamily

At VeryWellFamily, we've done the research for you and identified the best online nutritionists for a range of different health goals and concerns. With ongoing support through phone calls or virtual sessions, these professionals can work with you to create a personalized plan that supports your health and well-being, helping you achieve your goals and feel your best.

4 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving-1

Active: Best Online Nutrition Coach for General Health

Active highlights OnPoint Nutrition as the best online nutrition coach for general health. With the complexity of nutrition science and individual uniqueness, an online nutrition coach can help individuals achieve their health goals through a personalized program. OnPoint Nutrition was identified as the best online nutrition coach for general health, taking into account factors such as age, fitness level, chronic illness, food allergies, and weight.


HealthCanal: Editor's Choice

OnPoint Nutrition has been recognized as the "editor's choice" for Health Canal as the best online nutrition coach. Their personalized and goal-oriented approach in assisting individuals with food intake management, especially for diabetes, is highly commended. 

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Fox 29 Fruit Hack

Fox 29 - Fruit Hacks

Cutting up your favorite fruit can be such a hassle! These fruit-cutting hacks can help you avoid the mess. Watch OnPoint Founder Britney Kennedy as she shows off her fruit prepping skills.

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Energy Drink Alternatives

Fox 29 - Energy Drinks Alternatives

If you need a little boost during the day, these energy drink alternatives may be a healthier option. Our expert nutritionist Britney Kennedy provides insight into natural ways to increase your energy that align with wellness goals. Britney shares her top picks for foods, beverages, or supplements that can sustain energy better than the vitamin-depleted crash that often follows energy drinks.

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Atlantic Diet

Fox 29 - What is the Atlantic Diet Trend?

Nutritionist and CEO of On-Point Nutrition Britney Kennedy joins Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the Atlantic Diet. Britney sheds light on the origins and benefits of this emerging diet trend that emphasizes seafood and produce native to countries along the Atlantic coast. Britney provides insight into key components of the diet like healthy fats from fish and inflammation-fighting fruits and vegetables that support brain health.

Watch the full episode on Fox 29

How We're Different


One on One

Confidential one on one virtual meetings ensure dedicated time to solve your problems and work through challenges.



Our one on one sessions and program materials teach you the foundation and theory of nutritional science.



Our cost is comparable to monthly fitness training, as opposed to paying $100.00/hr to meet with an independent dietitian.

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“My team and I would be honored to be part of your health journey! Our priority is your health and happiness; no goal is too big or too small. We look forward to working with you soon!”
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