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Unsure if Nutrition Counseling is for you?
We've made it easy to get started with personalized nutrition. Our streamlined process, allows you to quickly tap into expert support tailored to your needs and schedule.

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No Consult

Getting right to scheduling with a Registered Dietitian is a game-changer for those seeking nutrition guidance. You can bypass the initial consultation, avoid delays and jump straight into personalized guidance and accountability - accelerating your journey to better health.

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No Commitment

With our no-commitment, one-time nutrition counseling sessions, you can easily test the waters of professional guidance without diving into a full program. Give it a try risk-free - although we're confident you'll be hooked once you experience it firsthand!

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No Guessing

No more guessing or struggling to work through the noise of conflicting nutrition advice. Enjoy clarity and a customized plan directly from a qualified expert. Skip the frustration of trying to figure it out alone and get professional guidance tailored just for you and your goals.

Fast Track Trials to Bring Premium Support to Your Fingertips

With our Fast Track options, you don't have to put your wellness on hold a second longer. We understand the importance of taking action - that's why we've streamlined the process to get you connected with a dietitian and started on your health goals. Our team has helped more than 65,000+ individuals build trust in themselves and their bodies to create lifelong results.

Are there specialized areas of nutrition and disease management that your dietitians focus on?

Recovery & Management

Recovery & Management:

      • Bariatric surgery recovery
      • Eating disorder recovery
      • Weight loss
      • Weight management
      • Food allergies

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions:

      • Acid reflux
      • Cardiac disease
      • Celiac disease
      • Crohn's disease & Ulcerative Colitis
      • Diabetes: pre, type 1 & 2, gestational
      • Diverticulitis
      • IBS & Low FODMAP
      • Kidney disease
      • PCOS
      • SIBO

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition & Lifestyle:

      • Body image
      • Improve relationship with food
      • Intuitive eating
      • Pre & post-natal nutrition
      • Whole food/plant-based nutrition
      • Gut health


What Happens in My Sessions?

Our sessions are client-driven, so they're based on what you want to achieve here with us.  You'll set weekly goals around diet, movement and lifestyle, review your food log, and reflect on barriers you have to reaching these goals.   

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What Do Nutrition Coaches Do? Why You May Want to Work With One.

Why is There No Consult?

We understand that taking the first step towards better nutrition can sometimes be the hardest part. That's why we've streamlined the process and eliminated the need for a consult prior to trail. With our fast track trial sessions, you can bypass that barrier and get straight to working one-on-one with one of our expert dietitians right away.

Simply schedule your trial session at a time convenient for you. Your nutritionist will get to know your goals, lifestyle, preferences and habits during your appointment.

What if I Want to Continue Into A Program After My Single Session?

That's great! We're happy to offer you 10% off if you decide to enroll in one of our full nutrition programs after experiencing A One Time Session.

Your initial appointment gives you a risk-free chance to try out our personalized approach and see firsthand how transformative healthy eating can be with the right guidance. If you love working with your nutritionist and want to continue receiving meal plans, coaching, resources and accountability over a longer period, simply let them know during your session or follow up afterwards so you can take advantage of this special offer.

Can I Get a Custom Meal Plan With My Single Session?

The main difference between our One-Time nutrition session and the kickstarter trial is that The Kick-starter provides you with a fully customized meal plan and access to our supportive app during your trial period.

With the single session, you'll receive personalized guidance, education and strategies from one of our expert nutritionists during your appointment. This tailored advice is invaluable, but you'll be responsible for taking those recommendations and creating your own meal plans independently.

It is, however, available as an add on to your session.

Can I Bill My Insurance?

We understand that nutrition counseling can be an investment, which is why we offer a convenient superbill option specifically for our single sessions and Kick-Starter trials. A superbill provides you with an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement.

While superbills allow you to easily file for coverage of these a la carte services, we do also provide insurance eligibility checks for those interested in our full nutrition programs.

Our goal is to make personalized nutrition guidance as accessible as possible.

How is OnPoint different from other companies?

Our approach matches you with a registered dietitian or nutritionist who will learn about your struggles, provide ongoing support and accountability, and enable you to become the hero in your health journey!

Our philosophy is anti-diet with a focus on food groups and portioning. There is no counting calories, macros, eliminating major food groups or approaching this journey as a "quick-fix".  We assist you in your health goals while maintaining a positive relationship with food.    

Our goal is to provide you with the information and tools you need to use the knowledge you’ve gained in a sustainable way. We’re here to help you ditch diet culture and take control of your health once and for all.

What is Your Success Rate?

Success rates are different for different people and can be influenced by a variety of things.  Your success is contingent on your commitment, dedication and hard work within your program.  We have successfully helped over 5,000 One-on-One clients  reach their goals.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve been working with OnPoint for over 20 weeks now. And it has been the best decision I made so far!”
Jess The Kick-Starter Program
Whether you have specific goals, or are not sure where to start, OnPoint is the best first step!"
Stacey The One Time Session
My dietitian is exceptional. I have started to cook on my own, look at food differently, and lost weight all at the same time. I can recommend OnPoint more. You will not be disappointed."
Edward The Kick-Starter Program

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“My team and I would be honored to be part of your health journey! Our priority is your health and happiness; no goal is too big or too small. We look forward to working with you soon!”
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