OnPoint Nutrition Terms & Conditions

OnPoint’s Services and Weight Management Plan

OnPoint provides nutrition information and one-on-one counseling to assist You in your personal nutrition efforts.  To help You achieve your goals, OnPoint structures its program into three service levels: The Essentials, The Academy, The Concierge.  Each service level is detailed in the enclosed “Our Services”. You may choose to renew your program through the agreement of You and OnPoint.  If You renew your program, OnPoint will provide You with written receipt of updated service and payment details. 

OnPoint Does Not Provide Medical Advice and is Not a Healthcare Provider

OnPoint is not a medical organization and does not provide medical advice or medical diagnosis.  Nothing contained in OnPoint’s program materials or website should be construed as such advice or diagnosis.  The information and reports generated by OnPoint should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, care or treatment.  You are specifically urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician or medical professional before beginning any weight loss effort or regimen.  OnPoint also specifically urges You to get regular medical checkups.  Weight loss can create physical changes that should be medically monitored.  Medical monitoring is especially important for anyone with a medical condition.  OnPoint’s program is healthful, but it is not intended to treat any illness or disease or be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  OnPoint does not assume any special or heightened duty to You like that of a physician or medical provider.

OnPoint’s services and materials are intended for use only by adult individuals who can healthfully engage in a nutrition program.  OnPoint’s services and materials are not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition that would prevent them from healthfully engaging in a nutrition program.  Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of weight loss effort or disease management regimen.  If You believe, for any reason, that You may not be able to healthfully engage in a weight loss program or disease management regimen, You are explicitly instructed not to engage OnPoint’s services until You receive medical direction and approval.

OnPoint’s Health Notice

If You are being treated for an illness, taking prescription medication, or following a therapeutic diet to treat a disease, it is critically important that You immediately share your OnPoint nutrition plan with your medical provider.  Any modifications made to the plan by your medical provider should be followed.  The OnPoint program supports a safe rate of weight loss, but if You are losing weight at a greater rate than designed, You must review the plan’s guidelines and adapt them, if necessary, to avoid rapid weight loss.  Failing to follow OnPoint’s plan and guidelines may cause health complications associated with rapid weight loss.  You are responsible and assume liability for managing your body’s physical and emotional needs and alerting both your healthcare provider and OnPoint if concerns arise.

OnPoint’s Additional Requirements for Certain Individuals

OnPoint requires specific medical clearance before working with individuals with certain medical conditions:

  • If You are breastfeeding a child and want to begin a nutrition program, OnPoint requires written medical permission from an obstetrician or comparable medical specialist to begin a nutrition program.

OnPoint Will Not Provide Services to the Following Individuals with Certain Medical Conditions for Obvious Health Reasons

  • OnPoint prohibits participation in its nutrition program for anyone with an active medical diagnosis of bulimia nervosa and/or anorexia nervosa.
    OnPoint prohibits participation in its nutrition program for anyone who is less than 18 years old.

OnPoint’s Use of Your Personal Information

OnPoint may ask You for relevant personal information, including questions regarding your medical history.  This information is used to build your OnPoint plan and to support effective ongoing counseling and support.  However, You are under no obligation to disclose such personal information, and may decline to do so.    

OnPoint’s Payment Plan

All payments are to be completed via credit card. Payment for Your program shall be made in full at the time of purchase unless otherwise agreed to by an OnPoint team member If an alternate payment plan is agreed upon, OnPoint will provide You with an updated payment schedule that includes payment amounts and due dates.

Refunds will be processed on a pro-rated basis, less $300, based upon the date You specifically request such cancellation by email to billing@onpoint-nutrition.com. Client is responsible for credit card processing fees in the event of a refund.

Program extensions are non-refundable and shall automatically renew for subsequent periods of the same length as the initial Term (10 weeks) unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration of the then-current Term. Clients also have access to manage their program options via their personal self-serve online member portal.

Payment via Medical Insurance
We cannot guarantee payment or verify that definite eligibility of benefits conveyed to us or to you by your carrier will be accurate or complete. Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at the time of service. Our office will make every effort to bill your insurance company in a timely manner. We strongly recommend, request, and encourage you to be familiar with, and verify your benefits with your insurance company prior to working with our team. Please be aware, that even then, it is still not a guarantee of benefits or payment.

If your carrier determines that a particular service is not reasonable and necessary, or that a particular service is not covered under the plan, your insurer will deny payment for that service and the total cost of your program will become your responsibility. Clients are financially responsibility to pay the program balance in full if/when benefit limits have been reached.

Missed Appointments and Program Cancellations for Insurance Pay Clients
Clients are responsible for the cost of any missed/cancelled appointment. Insurance will not cover charges for cancelled or missed appointments. To ensure our team is appropriately compensated for their time, a $35.00 charge will be applied to the card we have on file for all cancelled or missed appointments not rescheduled within the same calendar week.

Program cancellations are based upon the date you specifically request such cancellation by email to billing@onpoint-nutrition.com.   A minimum payment of $300.00 is required to cancel your program without financial obligation.  If your insurance company has not reimbursed OnPoint Nutrition $300.00 for sessions as of the date of your cancellation, the client is responsible for payment of the difference.

Request for Program Holds
Program weeks are to be used in sequential order.  However, we do understand that sometimes life situations cause clients to have to step away from working with our team for periods of time.  In the event a program hold is requested, the following terms apply.  Program holds will be agreed upon by you and your OnPoint dietitian/nutritionist with payment dates adjusted to reflect the requested length of program hold time. OnPoint Nutrition will provide record of the program hold via email noting the date of program reactivation.  At the end of the requested hold, your program will transition back into an active state.  Program weeks will again run in sequential order after the program is reactivated and billing will resume as scheduled. 

OnPoint’s Dispute Resolution Process

OnPoint and You agree that in any action or proceeding arising from, under or pursuant to this agreement, you collectively shall, and do hereby absolutely waive and unconditionally waive, trial by jury.  Venue for any action or proceeding arising under this agreement shall be exclusively in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Final Acknowledgement

I have carefully read and understand the agreement described in the above paragraphs.  I explicitly acknowledge and understand that: (i) OnPoint’s services and materials are intended for use only by adult individuals who can healthfully engage in a nutrition program and I am representing to OnPoint that I can healthfully engage in a nutrition program consistent with OnPoint’s policies, (ii) OnPoint is not a medical organization or healthcare provider and I will seek medical advice and attention as necessary during my engagement with OnPoint, and (iii) OnPoint is not responsible for and does not assume any liability for managing my body’s physical and/or emotional needs and I assume full responsibility for any personal injury to myself with respect to any and all injury or harm to my person that may occur as a result of my work with OnPoint.  I release OnPoint Nutrition LLC, its officers, employees and agents, from and any all claims, demands, liabilities, and damages for alleged injuries related to or arising from my enrollment or participation in any nutrition program or activity of OnPoint, including its products and at its facilities.