Virtual Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

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Virtual Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

Finding time to lead a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. Luckily, our virtual nutrition program delivers guidance and support when and where you need it most! We are a team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists specializing in 1 on 1, virtual counseling, delivering a completely personalized and convenient experience. 

The Consultation

  • 100% complimentary
  • Available via video chat or telephone
  • Explore current eating habits and challenges you are facing
  • Discuss steps in getting started with our team!

The Counseling

The Stabilization


Real time tracking via Nudge Health to monitor

  • meal and snack choices
  • recommended food group servings
  • fluid intake
  • sleep habits
  • activity level - syncs with your favorite wearable device!
  • indulgences
  • weight & body fat percentage
  • progress towards your goals!
Real time tracking using the OnPoint Nutrition app helps make reaching your goals a reality
Your nutritionists and dietitians load your custom meal plan into our proprietary app.  From there, achieving your goals is realistic and specific.

Between session support via direct message and email provides 24/7 support

You have access to your nutritionist and dietitian at any time.
The OnPoint Nutrition app includes a secure, messaging feature that connects you to your nutritionist or dietitian
Our nutritionists and dietitians use our proprietary app to create a custom plan for you and to hold you accountable to your goals.


Food Portioning Guide

Your guide to major food groups and portioning

Nutrition Guide

A guide to how we counsel and why it works!

Healthy Cooking Guide

How to create a healthy home for you and your family!

Recipe Database

Our library of healthy recipes updated weekly! 

Our nutritionists possess academic backgrounds in nutritional science and have proven success with one-on-one counseling and weight loss coaching.  Their goal is to teach, motivate, and help you commit to a healthier lifestyle in reaching your health and weight loss goals.


There are many people, plans, and systems that promise to deliver weight loss results.  OnPoint is a holistic approach that differs from other Philadelphia weight loss and nutrition counseling programs and products in the following ways:

Our one-on-one approach makes sure that you get the attention you need and the tailored nutritional advice to help you reach your goals.

One on One

  • Personalized meal outline
  • Confidential one-on-one meetings with counselors
  • Dedicated time to solve your challenges
OnPoint Nutrition's approach costs more than 50% less than seeing a private practice dietitian.


Cost is comparable to monthly fitness training, as opposed to paying $100/hr to meet one-on-one with an independent Registered Dietitian

Our nutrition system's educational nature ensures that you are able to make a lasting, sustainable change.


  • One-one-one sessions and program materials teach you the foundation and theory of nutritional science
  • Constructing your own meals tests and builds your knowledge
Our nutrition professionals combine academic training with vocational practice to help you reach your goals

Work With Professionals

  • Academic backgrounds (BS, RD) in nutrition
  • Formal experience and training in weight loss and nutrition counseling

Did you know your health insurance may cover FREE sessions with a Registered Dietitian?
OnPoint Nutrition accepts the following Pennsylvania health insurance plans.


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