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Recently awarded Philadelphia Magazine's - Best of Philly 2018, OnPoint liberates you from the nutrition myths and fad diets running rampant online.

We are a team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists that coaches you to healthy living using our evidence-based, anti-diet program.

Your plan features live one-on-one virtual appointments in which you set and achieve weekly goals.  By logging your food and messaging your nutritionist in our app, we provide you with an intimately personal service.

Put it all together: we make sure you reach your goals and sustain the results.

So, how does this whole thing work?
1. I've done diets before, how is this different? 
We believe that developing an educational foundation in nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle is the optimal equation for long-term success. We do not believe in restriction, teaching an "all foods fit in moderation" mindset. Your personal nutritionist will meet you where you are and will never force you to eat kale or green smoothies if you don't want to. Your health is our #1 priority!

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2. Do I have to count calories? 
The short answer is NO. Don't believe us? Just ask our clients!
"The most important part of the program for me was focusing on various food groups and portions, not counting calories to achieve my goals. The best part? I never felt hungry! - Danielle H"
At OnPoint Nutrition, you won't count calories.  Your nutritionist-dietitian designs your plan in food groups and portions, which includes the calories you need to feel your best
3. How often do I speak to my nutritionist/dietitian? 

Weekly virtual sessions allow you to quickly make incremental improvements and nip bad habits in the bud.  Because many small changes are easier to make than one massive readjustment, meeting on a regular basis helps keep you on track and accountable to your weight loss and nutrition goals.
We offer three program options for new clients, ranging from twice a week sessions to biweekly.
4. Do I need to log my food? 

YES!  Our most successful clients log all of their food: the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly. We're looking for progress, not perfection - and you should be too! Our custom food logging app takes the stress out of calorie counting by focusing on food groups, timing of meals and snacks, hydration, sleep and activity.
Logging your food in our nutrition app provides your nutritionist-dietitian the details they need to help you reach your goals.  It also gives the nutritionist an inside view to your success and challenges.
5. How will I reach my goals and beyond? 
The change process will be challenging, which is why we are here.  A significant portion of living a healthy lifestyle is mental, and staying focused and motivated can be very difficult on your own.  Once you have achieved your initial health and/or weight loss goals and progressed through your stabilization period, your nutritionist/dietitian will continue to meet with you monthly to ensure your new health practices become lifelong habits. 

One on One

Confidential one-on-one virtual meetings ensure dedicated time to solve your problems and work through challenges.


Our one on one sessions and program materials teach you the foundation and theory of nutritional science. 


Our cost is comparable to monthly fitness training, as opposed to paying $100.00/hr to meet with an independent dietitian.

Britney Kennedy

Britney Kennedy


My team and I would be honored to be part of your health journey!  Our priority is your health and happiness; no goal is too big or too small. We look forward to working with you soon!

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