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Meet Morgan

Morgan's interest in nutrition stemmed from her desire to look out for her own family's health, namely her father's diabetes. Morgan's professional and clinical experience began as a Registered Dietitian in the fields of intensive care and rehabilitation. Taking it further as Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Program Coordinator at Lifetime Fitness, she led clients to improve their diet and lifestyle, both in and out of the gym.

Morgan is a vegetarian who is always on the lookout for exciting new dishes. She enjoys being physically active and was inspired to run a marathon last year.

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Cardiac disease, celiac disease, diabetes, diverticulitis, emotional eating, family and meal planning, gut health, IBS, men's health, nutrient deficiencies, nutrition for fitness and sports, PCOS, thyroid disorders, vegetarian and vegan diets, weight management, women’s health.

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Counseling Style

Morgan artfully bridges the gap, guiding you toward actualizing lifelong wellness goals with an authentic ease and confidence from within. Her leadership shines through as she empowers you to embrace your healthier future self, aligning your path with an innate sense of well-being. Under Morgan's guidance, you'll find the way to bring your absolute best self into reality.

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Morgan got her Bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics and Dietetic Internship from Marywood University in 2013 and her Master's in Human Sciences (Public Health) from the University of Alabama in 2015.

More About Morgan

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Talking All Things Nutrition 

Registered Dietitian at OnPoint Nutrition, Morgan Fereck: We cover a wide range of topics from supplements, fad diets, staples that everyone should abide by when it comes to eating.

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Virtual Nutrition Counseling


Get to know your OPN Team with Registered Dietitian Morgan Fereck.

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Best Fats for Vegan or Vegetarian

When you’re looking to best manage your vegetarian and vegan diet, a healthy, well-balanced diet is the first thing you examine. You want to be sure you’re getting adequate protein, focusing on whole grains and choosing fat sources that will be most beneficial for you.

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Alexandra Shoener OnPoint Client
My time with OnPoint has been absolutely wonderful - Morgan was so helpful and kind throughout my journey. I've learned so many new healthy habits, all thanks to her! Would definitely recommend!
Tiffani Coffie OnPoint Client
She was encouraging and supportive in helping me understand the impact of my food choices on my goals. Her input was great in helping me push through roadblocks when it seemed as though this journey was getting too difficult. 

Morgan's Favorite Recipes

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."


Loaded Baked Sweet Potato

If you are trying to spruce up your usual baked sweet potato, look no further! Our loaded sweet potato recipe makes for a veggie-packed lunch, dinner, or side dish!

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Tuna Melt Stuffed Tomatoes

A great way to use up your summer tomatoes! This recipe is perfect for a snack or add a starch to make it a complete meal.

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Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits

Dessert for breakfast? Count us in! You can even use pre-made granola to make this recipe even faster for a busy morning.

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It shouldn't be so hard to live a happy, healthy life.  

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