With hard work, dedication, and accountability, anything is possible!

Alyssa Weight Loss Story

Alyssa Lost 40 lbs.

"The number on the scale doesn't actually matter, what matters is that I feel great!"

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Steven Weight Loss Success Story

Steven Lost 40 lbs.

 "If you are serious about making a change, the team at OnPoint could not make it any easier."

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Chelsea Weight Loss Success Story

Chelsea Lost 45 lbs. 

"After I was diagnosed with PCOS, trying to figure out a healthy diet was frustrating."

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Kara Weight Loss Story

Kara Lost 40 lbs.

"Working with OnPoint is not just going on a diets, it's a lifestyle change."

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Lieren Weight Loss Success Story

Lieren Lost 20 lbs.

"With the proper guidance and treatment of my chronic condition, I couldn't be happier!"

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Davina Weight Loss Story

Davina Lost 25 lbs.

"Since losing the weight, I've reconnected with who I am as an individual."

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Beth Weight Loss Success Story

Beth Lost 30 lbs.

"It was such a life changing experience for me, and it was so easy to do."

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Brandon Weight Loss Success Story

Brandon Lost 115 lbs.

"I finally stopped lying to myself and realized I needed some serious help."

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