With hard work, dedication, and accountability, anything is possible!

Alyssa Weight Loss Story

"The number on the scale doesn't actually matter, what matters is that I feel great!"

Alyssa's Goals: weight loss, improve relationship with food, improve body image

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Steven Weight Loss Success Story

"If you're serious about making a change, the team at OnPoint could not make it any easier!"

Steven's Goals: weight loss, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, increase activity level

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Chelsea Weight Loss Success Story

"After I was diagnosed with PCOS, trying to figure out a healthy diet was frustrating."

Chelsea's Goals: weight loss, feel more energized during her workouts

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Kara Weight Loss Story

"Working with OnPoint is not just going on a diet, it's a lifestyle change."

Kara's Goals: weight loss, improve confidence, navigating restaurant menus, healthy eating for the family

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Lieren BA

"With the proper guidance and treatment of my chronic condition, I couldn't be happier!"

Lieren's Goals: weight loss, improve painful cystic acne and rosacea, control heartburn, gut health

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Davina Weight Loss Story

"Since losing the weight, I've reconnected with who I am as an individual."

Davina's Goals: weight loss, healthy eating for the family, build better habits, better gym routine

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Beth Weight Loss Success Story

"It was such a life changing experience for me, and it was so easy to do."

Beth's Goals: weight loss, to feel more comfortable walking, build a regular gym routine

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Brandon Weight Loss Success Story

"I finally stopped lying to myself and realized I needed some serious help."

Brandon's Goals: weight loss, lower risk for diabetes, discontinue blood pressure medication, be a more active father, lifestyle change

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"Finding balance and listening to my body was key in maintaining my transformation!"

Miranda's Goals: sports nutrition and performance, improve relationship with food

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"I now know how to make informed nutrition choices with the goal of a healthy life, not just weight loss."

Tony's Goals: weight loss, renal function

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Jackie Weight Loss

"I wanted to learn how to nourish my body and lose the weight in the healthiest way possible."

Jackie's Goals: weight loss, improve general health and wellness

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Audra Weight Loss Story

"I have lost the baby weight plus 15  pounds! Overall I am happier and healthier than ever before!"

Audra's Goals: postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding, improve cooking skills 

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Brittany Weight Loss

"I have a greater awareness of what my body actually needs, and the  foods that do and don't help me meet those needs."

Brittany's Goals: weight loss, meal planning for her busy lifestyle

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Alice Weight Loss

"If you are reading this, do this one thing for yourself. Call Britney, ask for Zoe, and trust the process."

Alice's Goals: weight loss, develop healthier habits for her family

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Courtney Weight Loss

"Everything is doable, within reason. I've learned that balance and consistency are key!"

Courtney's Goals: weight loss, improve workout routine, accountability

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Yvonne Weight Loss

"My transformation can inspire others to improve themselves, even if they have disabilities and no support.  If this underdog can do it, so can anyone."

Yvonne's Goals: weight loss, increase activity level, disease management

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"I never in a million years would have believed that I could lose over 100 pounds in less than a year. My determination and willpower pushed me further than I ever thought was possible."

Erin's Goals: weight loss, build better habits for herself and her family, increase stamina and strength

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Than Success Story

"My motivation was to become the best version of me for myself, my family, and my career. Eating with the goal of adding life to years is a long game."

Than's Goals: become the best version of himself, achieve excellence in general health and fitness

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Amanda Weight Loss

"How do you thank someone for changing your life? I don’t think words can really express how thankful I am that I had Ivy and OnPoint to help me in this lifestyle change."

Amanda's Goals: build lean muscle mass while losing fat, become a fitness guru, live a long & happy life

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"I would recommend this program to anyone looking change their eating habits and just feel good about themselves. Zoe, my coach, was awesome!"

Ann's Goals: weight loss, decrease gastrointestinal symptoms, cook healthy meals for her family 

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Kristin Weight Loss

"With three children and a busy schedule, I rarely made myself a priority.  When I started OnPoint Nutrition, I made a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle."  

Kristin's Goals:  Lose pregnancy weight after 2nd and 3rd babies, tone up and have more energy, quick and healthy meal options

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Priscilla Weight Loss

"If you are, just like I was, somewhat lost but close to your goal, then they can be just the last push you need"

Priscilla's Goals: Lose some weight, muscle growth, increase energy levels, feel less bloated

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