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What Happens During My Sessions With My Weight Loss Coach?

What Happens During My Sessions With My Weight Loss Coach??noresize

Are you concerned about meeting with a weight loss coach? 

Not sure what those sessions would look like or what you'll cover?

The idea of weight loss coaching is exciting on its face. Every day we see a new promise to free us from our extra pounds. 

You see a gimmick to drop 30 pounds in 30 days, and – oh – your ears perk up. 

Sally talks about how "cutting out carbs is the best way to melt away all of the unwanted belly fat"–your dreams of skinny jeans awaken.

It's exciting to dream of how you can meet your goals and finally feel your best.

But how do you get there?

How exactly would you be approaching weight loss with a coach?

You have made it here because a weight loss coach might be on your radar as the first step to success. But you have yet to learn what actually happens during a session and what you might expect along the way. 

You may only know if weight loss coaching is for you if you understand what you will do with your time together. 

When you know what to expect during a session, you can better prepare yourself for a two-way conversation and improve the overall experience.

With decades of collective experience with our team, we have proudly served over 3,000 people like you who want to feel better and finally progress in their weight loss goals.

When you work with an expert weight loss coach, being prepared for what will happen in your sessions could be the difference that gets you set up for success in your weight loss journey.


What is a Weight Loss Coach?

A weight loss coach helps an individual reach their goals for losing weight. They may create meal plans, recommend exercise, monitor progress or provide support. 

Each program is a little different, but most importantly weight loss coaching comes with a balanced mix of support and accountability to break the pattern of failure on a weight loss quest. 

Finding a weight loss coach willing to teach you about healthy eating habits, how to fuel your body properly, and, most importantly, who will be there for you when things get tough, is invaluable.

Many people who struggle with weight prefer to hire a coach to help them stay motivated and on the right track. 

A qualified weight reduction coach will be able to meet your medical needs while you take the steps to a healthier you.

A dietician is an excellent choice in this scenario because many choose to focus on a specific area of nutrition that requires knowledge.

Some of the specialty certifications available include:

  • Obesity and Weight Management 
  • Oncology Nutritionist
  • Renal Nutritionist
  • Gerontological Nutrition
  • Sports Dietetics
  • Pediatric Nutritionist

What Are Your Goals for Working With A Weight Loss Coach?

Before starting any journey, you need to know where you are going.

Weight loss goals are important because they will set you up with milestones to meet so you can visualize your progress with small victories along the way.

A few examples of small goals to set may include:

  • Including whole food (healthy, non processed food)  in your diet
  • Cooking at home rather than eating out
  • Meal planning
  • Increasing daily movement
  • Having a snack between meals

Goals will keep you on track in your journey. With your eye on the main prize of weight loss, you can sometimes miss out on a greater picture of learning to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Setting goals and working step by step to fulfill them will develop sustainable habits.

Expert weight loss coaches can help you with things like these on your journey to improved health:

  • Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Self-doubt
  • Food Aversions


What Happens During My Sessions With My Weight Loss Coach?

Fundamentals are always the base of a good program. 

Weight loss is no exception.

What you are putting into your body is not only important, but it is essential to understand how you will proceed in your weight loss journey.

You can expect your weight loss coach to discuss food-related topics, including:

  • What you typically eat in a day (what, how much, how often)
  • If you follow a specific way of eating (for example, plant-based, paleo, keto, etc.)
  • If you have any food allergies or intolerances (Gluten-free, Dairy-free, etc..)
  • How much variety do you include in your diet (Do you hit all the food groups? Where are you lacking?)
  • When you typically eat during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • If you prefer to cook or eat meals out
  • Your cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen (Are you in need of simple recipes to get started?)
  • Your meal planning process (Do you have one? How do you decide what is on it?)
  • How do you typically grocery shop (Do you take a list? How often do you go? Do you impulse buy?)
  • What beverages do you usually consume (What? How much? How often?)
  • How hungry and full do you feel each day (are you starving by meal times?)
  • Your relationship with food (How do you see food? What does it do for you? How do mealtimes make you feel?)

Food is a powerful medicine.  

When you are conscious of certain concepts you will find yourself feeling better, motivating yourself to take the next steps and set new goals for your health.

Some important items to be aware of on your weight loss journey:

  • the quality of food that you are putting into your body
  • how often are you feeding yourself
  • the balance of nutrients that you are consuming

In addition to the food you eat, your lifestyle may be the thing that stands between you and better health. 

A busy lifestyle, lack of planning, and lack of essential habits like proper sleep will impact the development of your weight loss plan.

So it's relevant to your success to be conscious of things related to a healthy routine.

Your weight loss coach may also talk about other lifestyle choices, such as:

  • Exercise habits
  • Sleep schedule
  • Energy level
  • Stress level & stressors
  • Mental health

Not to worry, if some of these things are out of sorts, it's not the end of the road for you!

If you are only working off of 3 hours of sleep and haven't seen a gym since high school–your weight loss coach will not send you packing!

This knowledge is essential for them to identify the best strategy that works for you . A professional weight loss coach will assist you in sorting through each of these considerations.

Using this information, they will assist you in making small, gradual transitions from your present state to your ideal self.

Whatever your definition of your healthiest self may be, they will assist you in navigating the lifestyle roadblocks along the way.


Who Should Work With a Weight Loss Coach?

If you have specific weight loss goals, working with a coach will help you achieve those goals.

A great weight loss coach is trained to take you down the right path of better decisions and healthy choices.

Some of the most common goals individuals go to weight loss coaches with include:

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to feel better and healthier
  • I want to be fit and active like I used to be
  • I want to improve my relationship with food
  • I want to ditch diets and find a way of eating that is sustainable for me
  • I want to stop worrying about everything I eat and eat more intuitively
  • I want to improve my health
  • I want to live a long, healthy life
  • Managing symptoms of chronic illness

Many diseases have crippling symptoms and can be managed with lifestyle changes like fine-tuning your nutrition and exercise. 

Modifying your diet can have a significant effect on several health issues, including but not limited to the following:

The most important goals you can set are those that change your life. 

Any progress you make toward your health goals will have lasting and significant effects, no matter how small.


Taking The Next Steps

You now know that great weight loss coaching is more than just another program. 

When you choose a great coach, your sessions will be filled with important information that you will share with your coach to make progress on your health journey.

The exhausting lists of ways to drop 30 pounds fast don't have to haunt you anymore.

You can confidently smile at Sally and say-- that's great; I wish you luck!

And you can confidently saddle up and ride into the sunset with your weight loss coach. 

Okay, maybe not yet!

But you should be feeling great about what to expect in a session with a weight loss coach and how you can prepare to share the critical information that will change your life.

At OnPoint Nutrition, we have helped over 3,000 clients talk through these exact questions. 

We help you walk through what your normal routine, meals, and exercise looks like so that you can dissect where you need to focus your time.

Our clients have trusted us with a peek into their world, and they have no regrets.

Having a weight loss coach by your side can help you stay on track with your weight reduction goals, and each session can be a stepping stone toward a healthier you.

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