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6 Ways to Set Goals With My Weight Loss Coach

6 Ways to Set Goals With My Weight Loss Coach?noresize

Where are you headed on your weight loss journey?

True success is all about working towards your goals.

"It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise."- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Those who have never worked with a weight loss coach may be hesitant because of the discomfort associated with discussing personal goals with a stranger.

We get it!

It's natural to be confused about exactly how you can work with a weight loss coach to achieve your health objectives.

We would love to help you become a goal-setting guru! We have helped over 3,000 clients set and reach their weight loss goals.

Our team of educated specialists, both dietitians, and nutritionists, gave us a list of how you can take control of your weight loss journey by setting goals with your coach.

At the conclusion of this article, you'll be equipped for goal-setting success and ready to begin working with a professional who can help you achieve your objectives.

Be Honest in Communicating Your Needs

If you neglect this step, it will be fatal to your success in goal setting.

To achieve your goals, it is crucial that you are open and honest with yourself and your coach about what you want and need.

If you neglect this step, it will be fatal to your success in goal setting.

You may be unable to go further in your program due to mental or physical constraints and other factors related to your lifestyle. 

If you let your coach know where you are in the process, they can meet you where you are and better assist you in achieving both your immediate needs and your long-term goals.

If you're too anxious to identify what you want and need from your coach, you won't be able to work together effectively.

Finally, be honest with your weight loss coach about what you expect from the relationship and how you plan to achieve your goals.

Important things to discuss with your coach include:

  • The kind of support and accountability you will need
  • The results you are hoping to achieve
  • The time you are able to commit to your sessions
  • The steps you are comfortable taking to achieve your goals

Your coach is on your side!

It’s important to clearly communicate your ultimate goal rather than just hoping for the best.

Clarity and communication in your mission will boost the likelihood that they will help you achieve it.

Take Goal Setting Slowly

For the duration of the program, the focus will be on you

So, go at your speed and take baby steps when you set your goals.

Small goals can be as simple as incorporating more whole foods into your weekly meal plan, setting aside five minutes for a brisk walk, or even just having a few healthy snacks. 

Most plans for losing weight fail because people go in with both feet and expect instant results. 

Popular fad diets often claim their aim is to help you "lose 30 pounds fast", but this is almost always accomplished by forcing you to make significant lifestyle adjustments and sticking to strict rules. 

You might be curious as to whether it's even possible for the weight to stay off once regular life resumes. Most often, it does not.

Goals that should be easy wins quickly become insurmountable obstacles quickly. This means your motivation (and willpower to continue) takes a hit too.

Instead, attempt to take things one day at a time while working with a weight loss coach. 

Set manageable goals and devote your energy there.

As you achieve each new target, you'll feel your self-esteem rise with your waistline shrinking.

Embrace Healthy Change

Believe us; we understand that the process of achieving new goals can be full of scary new and scary change. Particularly, because as the years go on, we often become inflexible in our ways, and many of us develop unfounded food phobias and aversions.

Relax and trust your weight loss coach to encourage you to try new things.

Some things you thought you would never eat again may turn out to be healthy and tasty.

Your weight loss coach will point you toward trying  new, healthy recipes and including all food categories in your diet.

If you're willing to broaden your horizons and expand your food preferences, your progress with your weight-loss coach will accelerate.

You'll establish more beneficial mealtime routines that will drive you closer to your health goals quicker than you even notice.


Seek Opportunities for New Goals and New Growth

Your weight loss coach is ideally a highly educated professional. Many of them are dietitians or nutritionists with advanced degrees and specializations in their field. 

A great weight loss coach will also keep learning since they know the field of nutrition research is constantly growing and changing.

Therefore, it’s important to realize that there is always an opportunity to improve your efforts to lose weight. 

When you've accomplished your first objective of losing weight, you may want to challenge yourself further by setting another goal.

For example, you may want to:

  • Achieve a new milestone of weight loss
  • Incorporate foods you previously averted into your diet
  • Intensify your exercise routine 

A good weight loss coach will help you see the positive changes you can make to your health and will assist you in developing a plan to not only get there, but reach new heights. 

All of your goals should be based on a grand plan to achieve better health.


Practice Mindfulness

Building a new behavior into your routine rather than seeing it as an occasional choice is a significant challenge when altering long-held patterns. 

One of the best ways to achieve success in your weight loss program is to become more self-aware and focus on the steps to improving your physical health.

Self-awareness is crucial when setting your goals.

You may learn a lot about your decision-making process and your ability to create new routines by paying attention to your general comfort, how different meals make you feel, and how different situations affect you.

Here are some ways to practice mindfulness:

  • Remove distractions (put away electronics)
  • Eat with your dominant hand
  • Sit down (no on the go!)
  • Pause between bites (take it slow)
  • Save your favorite food for last (end it with a bang!)

Read more about why mindful eating is essential and can help you reach your goals.


Be Kind and Realistic With Yourself 

There will be times of triumph, but there will also be times of crushing disappointment in oneself. 

Set your goals strategically to get as many positive outcomes as possible, so your motivation elevates instead of deflates. 

Avoid the lofty goals that are hard to reach and instead, chase the small changes that you know you can sustain.

Your first goal should not be “lose 100 pounds by the end of the month”. Instead, set your sights on feeling better throughout the day, having more energy, or scheduling time to be active.

A good weight loss coach will remind you to treat yourself kindly and help you push through any doubts or fears that may arise.

So many of you are looking for a weight loss coach because you have exhausted all other options without your expected success, such as, losing 30 pounds fast, slipping into your favorite skinny jeans, or running a marathon next month.

As you might have guessed, often the disappointment comes because your goals were unrealistic for your program, and you lost motivation.

Humans are fallible, and as a result, we sometimes lose our way. Now is certainly the time to be kind to yourself, have patience with the process, and tackle each new obstacle with confidence and self-love. 

We believe in you! Even if you fall.

Anyone trying to lose weight knows there will be challenges along the way. 

Make intelligent decisions and chase goals you know you can crush—and keep going!


Are You Ready To Make Your Own Weight Loss Goals?

Your previous attempts at losing weight have all resulted in disappointment, broken promises, and ultimately failure.

Our sincere wish is that you will be able to establish practical objectives for adopting a healthier lifestyle and that we can help you achieve them.

You're not alone; thousands of people just like you have sought our help in the past, and we've seen them not only establish, but also achieve their weight loss objectives.

Your life can improve along with your health and happiness as a result.

Finding a weight loss coach is half the battle—setting achievable goals will help you win the war. Using these goal-setting guidelines will bring about the positive, long-lasting change you want.

Professional weight loss coaches are there to help you overcome the obstacles you'll encounter on the road to better health, such as:

  • Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Self-doubt
  • Food Aversions

Find out more about how OnPoint approaches the path to weight loss and better health by downloading the Ultimate Guide To Nutrition Coaching.

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