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What is a Weight Loss Coach?

What is a Weight Loss Coach??noresize

So many of us have been here before. Your pants do not fit. You have no energy. You have experimented with Keto, Paleo, all-vegetable diets, macronutrients, gluten-free eating, fasting, and even complete starvation. 

In the battle against our weight, some of us sink into the pits of depression--it seems like NOTHING. IS. WORKING.

Aren’t you exhausted and desperate to feel like the best version of yourself? You might wonder “what the heck should I do then?” 

With decades of collective experience between our team, we have proudly served over 3,000 people just like you who want to feel better and finally make progress in their website loss goal.

Many who are struggling the most are fresh off of a fad diet--and trust us, fad diets are not a distant memory of the 90s. They constantly reappear in brand-new, useless forms. 

Every day there is a new "Cheryl" who lost 50 pounds by eating exclusively celery. Like most things “quick and painless," fad diets don’t work. It's time to begin working with a weight loss coach so that you may start your road to a healthier, leaner, and happier you. 

Let’s break down the brick wall that fad diets and bad advice have built around us and let a weight loss coach rebuild a better one with you.

We are here to tell you exactly what a weight loss coach is, how you can enjoy having one on your weight loss journey, and what it might look like to have one in your life. 

Why Do I Need a Weight Loss Coach?  

A Weight Loss Coach? Hear me out! It may not have occurred to you that such a thing even exists. Is this some sort of cheerleader for me while I work on a new diet? 

Not exactly—a valuable weight loss coach is someone that will teach you good information about food, how to use food to fuel your body, and most importantly—someone that will walk through the fire with you. 

A weight loss journey has many ups and downs, and a healthy combination of support and accountability will be the key to getting out of the vicious cycle.

There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to work with a weight loss coach to achieve their objectives. You may have specific medical needs, and to best serve those needs, a weight loss coach should be well-educated. 

One of the best options in this case is more accurately referred to as a dietitian, many of whom choose to specialize in particular nutrition. 

Some of the specialty certifications available include:

  • Obesity and Weight Management Board-Certified Specialist
  • A Board-Certified Oncology Nutritionist
  • Renal Nutritionist, Board Certified
  • A Board-Certified Gerontological Nutrition Specialist
  • Board-Certified Sports Dietetics Specialist
  • A Board-Certified Pediatric Nutritionist

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

So what’s the problem with these fad diets? Our team of dietitians at OnPoint recognizes that any success you find in them usually comes from deprivation. 

The trick to this isn’t in your willpower, it’s in your knowledge of your biology. Hold up! Not your favorite class? It’s simple enough to understand on its face. 

Your body needs certain nutrients to function, and when it is not taking these in, it will defer to the use of its excess storage—fat.

But just like a squirrel who knows winter is coming, your body may decide that when it gets some things it needs after not seeing them for too long, it might just hang on to them. 

Additionally, many of these fad diets are depriving us of at least one of the major food groups. To function well, our bodies need the appropriate amounts of each group in a well-balanced diet.

When you are depriving yourself of essential nutrients, your body is now deficient in the fuel it needs for specific functions.

So just like fad diets–your body isn’t working (properly).

All of these quick fixes are not sustainable. They look like they might work on a short-term basis, but realistically, you will be left feeling worse and stuck in a never-ending cycle of frustration as the pounds come and go. 

What Are Some Things a Weight Loss Coach Can Help Me Achieve?

You may be wondering if a weight loss coach is something that aligns with your wants and needs. With the internet at their fingertips, so many people will try to search out solutions and find that the same old song and dance isn’t working for them anymore. 

Having a goal is one of the most important things when it comes to determining your need for a weight loss coach. 

Some people find themselves wanting to:

  • Lose weight.
  • Feel healthier.
  • Feel fit and be active.
  • Ditch the diets and eat intuitively.
  • Live a long and healthy life.
  • Heal their relationship with food.

Thanks to modern diet culture, people view food in such a negative way rather than seeing it as the fuel they need to thrive. When you work with a good weight loss coach, they should stress the importance of this idea as the main way for you to reach your health goals and healthily lose weight.

You may find yourself in a position where your weight loss goals are directly correlated to a chronic illness.

Significant weight loss with certain conditions would greatly impact and improve your quality of life for ailments like:

What is the Cost of Hiring a Weight Loss Coach?

I am sure this is at the top of everyone's list. Is this service going to break the bank? Cost is a decisive factor when researching if a weight loss coach is the right path to take. As was already said, there are many different kinds of coaches, so there are also many different prices.

Again, we will refer back to your individual needs. The cost will depend on how often you meet, how long your sessions and programs are, and how you choose to meet.

You may find that a general service like Noom has a subscription pricing model that follows a monthly or annual renewal. If you carefully choose a personalized program with certified professionals, you may find that your weight loss program is eligible for full or partial coverage by most major insurance policies. 

Your provider, plan-specific benefits, deductible, and other factors all go into determining your coverage. So in addition to vetting the reviews of a company, be sure to research these factors when choosing your program so your time and money are well spent.

How to Find the Best Weight Loss Coach for You

Choosing an effective weight loss coach means choosing someone who is also a qualified nutritionist or dietician so you are getting the best long-term advice and plans tailored to your individual health needs.

The many forms of weight loss coaching will tend to each have a slightly different approach. The most effective way to lose the weight you want to and keep it off is by finding a coach that will understand your individual needs.

There are a few things to consider here, including:

  • Do you prefer in-person or virtual meetings?
  • How often would you like to meet with your coach?
  • Do you want a direct connection to your weight loss coach between meetings?
  • Do you want the convenience of technology to track your eating and health habits?

Many programs and services promise quick fixes and a one-size-fits-all methodology—it is just not the way. A weight loss journey is a struggle many people go through—and for so many reasons. 

We hope you give finding the best weight loss coach a lot of attention so that you accomplish your goals.

A Weight Loss Coach Can Help

At OnPoint, a weight loss coach isn’t exactly the title our experts go by. Many people come to us as professionals to lose weight. But the reality is this: we are a team of nutritionists and dieticians because that is who you need for your better health goals. 

Now you have learned more about what exactly a weight loss coach is, how you can enjoy having one on your weight loss journey, and what it might look like to have one in your life. You now know the answer to the weight struggle you are embroiled in. 

Today is not the day to settle for an average existence and feeling uncomfortable and unwell. Say it with me- “no more fad diets, no more aimless missions to lose 30 pounds, and no more feeling defeated.”

Our goal is to educate on proper nutrition and strategies that will carry over into new habits and a better lifestyle. We keep our knowledge of nutrition and dietary best practices up to speed so our clients are always getting the best support in their mission to better health. 

We care about our clients' successes– not only while we work with them, but also once they are on their own.

What are you waiting for? Set your goals—we know you can do it.

Schedule to talk with us on-on-one and get ready to meet the new you.


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