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Having successfully worked with thousands of women and men looking to improve their health and realtionship with food, our vetted guide will provide you a flexible framework for creating a lifestyle.

Drop the restriction mindset and learn how to adopt an approach that will lead you to the long-term success you've been looking for.

We're including the same vetted resources we share with our coaching clients.

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No-Diet Guide Calorie Counting

Getting Started Guide

 Our approach divides the food universe into six simple categories - protein, starch, fruit, vegetable, dairy, and fat.

We'll help you take a "new routine, new me" mindset (that sticks).

Goodbye calorie counting, hello food freedom!


7 Day Meal Plan

We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have enough time to plan and cook my meals for the week”. 

We’ll help you refresh your kitchen with our easy-to-follow meal-planning guide and recipes.

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Done for you Shopping List

You can’t thrive in an environment that isn’t nourishing you. But organizing your weekly grocery haul shouldn’t be a chore.

Our do-for-you shopping list is guaranteed to set you up for success.

Make a change that’s both easy and sustainable.

Once you’re armed with your nutrition guide you’ll be able to cut through the noise and confusion — but don’t just take our word for it.

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"I wanted a program that was not a "fad" but instead focused on good healthy, balanced eating that I could sustain for the long term while giving me the structure and accountability I needed. OnPoint was exactly that!"
Theresa G
Theresa G OnPoint Client

Before starting: While we’re confident our guide will give you a framework to become successful in changing your lifestyle and approach to nutrition, always consult with your MD and primary care team before making changes to your diet and exercise regimen.