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How Group Nutrition Coaching Supports Intuitive Eating

How Group Nutrition Coaching Supports Intuitive Eating?noresize

Are you sick of hearing about diet after diet? Are you tired of listening to ads that promote unrealistic ways of eating? Are you over diet culture in general?

We are with you.

We live in a world surrounded by diets, eating plans, and quick fixes that just don’t work. However, we are repeatedly told that diet is not the problem; we are the problem. 

This leaves us frustrated and disappointed, searching for the next best option and resolving to try harder next time.

You should know that something is missing from all of these messages. 

You are not the problem; the diet is the problem. 

These plans and programs teach us to tune out our body’s innate wisdom and turn outward instead of inward. Many quite honestly promote working against your body. This leaves us out of touch with ourselves and simply following some plan that some person thought would work best for us without knowing anything about us.

So how do we break this cycle?

We start trusting our bodies again. We improve our relationships with food. We find food freedom.

You may be thinking that’s easier said than done, and you’re correct; it is. But what if you had an expert to guide you on this path to becoming more intuitive? What if you had the support of others on the same journey as you?

We all need a little help sometimes, and having the right people around us can significantly improve our chances of success. This is where group nutrition coaching comes in.

As a registered dietitian and nutrition coach who has walked this path with many people just like you, I know that group nutrition coaching can help you transform your food approach from frustration to freedom.

In this article, we’ll discuss the following:

By the end of this blog, I hope you feel confident to take the next step in your intuitive eating journey.

What Is Group Nutrition Coaching?

Group nutrition coaching is fairly self-explanatory. It’s nutrition coaching in a group setting.

You and the others in your group will work closely with a nutrition coach, likely a registered dietitian or nutritionist, to achieve your intuitive eating and other nutrition goals.

You may wonder how you can work on your personal goals in a group setting. Good question.

Group nutrition coaching brings together a group of people with common nutrition goals, like eating intuitively. You may not all share all of the same goals, but your main goal is the same.

The beauty of group nutrition coaching for intuitive eating is that you have access to an expert as well as the support of others who are also on an intuitive eating journey. 

Together, you will share your success and struggles, so you all become stronger on the other side.

Who Is Group Nutrition Coaching For?

Anyone with a nutrition-related goal can benefit from group nutrition coaching. 

This is especially true if your goal is a fairly common goal that others are likely to share, like eating more intuitively. 

Common Group Nutrition Coaching Focuses:

The Advantage of a Virtual Nutritionist 

Group nutrition coaching is often conducted online, which makes it even more accessible.

While you may struggle to find a group nutrition coaching program specifically for intuitive eating in your local area, the digital age allows you to connect with others near and far.

Who May Want To Consider Individual Nutrition Coaching

Suppose you have some very specific nutrition-related goals that are unlikely to be shared by others. 

In that case, you may benefit more from individual, personalized nutrition coaching instead of group nutrition coaching.

Consider one-on-one nutrition counseling if you have multiple medical concerns requiring much more individualized planning with a dietitian.

If you aren’t comfortable sharing your struggles in a group setting and prefer something more private and confidential, individual counseling is likely a better fit for you. 

How Does Group Nutrition Coaching Help Me Reach My Goals?

First and foremost, group nutrition coaching gives you direct access to an expert. This expert has experience helping others achieve the same goals you have set for yourself. They will be able to support and guide you to change your habits and find long-term success.

Second, group nutrition coaching connects you with others on a similar journey. This provides support and camaraderie as you work toward common goals. It may also expose you to ideas and ways of thinking that you’ve never seen or heard before. Your coach isn’t the only person you’ll be learning from.

How Does Group Nutrition Coaching Help Me Eat Intuitively?

The big picture is great, but you’re likely wondering more specifically how group coaching will really help you eat more intuitively.

The answer is by:

  • Helping you form a healthy relationship with food and stop dieting for good.
  • Improving your body image, and boosting your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teaching you how to enjoy your favorite foods without guilt and take the stress out of eating.
  • Learning how to reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues.
  • Belonging to a community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar food-freedom journey.
  • Building trust with your body to create lifelong results. 

What Does A Group Nutrition Coaching Program Entail?

Group nutrition coaching programs include individual and group sessions to help you achieve your big and small goals.

Initially, you will meet with your nutrition coach for an individual assessment to review your goals, what to expect, and some personalized resources.

Throughout the program, you will meet your group regularly for educational sessions led by your nutrition coach. These sessions will be informational and collaborative so you can make progress toward your goals each and every week.

Additionally, you will receive educational modules, recipes, and other resources to support your learning and growth.

Finally, you will also be able to reach out to your coach directly for individual support at any time throughout your program, so you always feel guided.

Is Group Nutrition Coaching For Intuitive Eating Right For Me? 

If you are ready to improve your relationship with food and trust your body once and for all, intuitive eating group nutrition coaching can help you do it.

Finding the right program, expert, and group is important. 

You want to find a program where the nutrition philosophy aligns with yours. You want to find an expert that you trust to guide you. You want to be in a group of positive, like-minded individuals all working toward common goals.

Is OnPoint Connections Intuitive Eating Right For Me? 

Our team believes wholeheartedly in food freedom at OnPoint Nutrition and would love to help you achieve it. 

If you are tired of tuning out instead of in, this is the program for you. 

Intuitive Eating focuses on the core principles of intuitive Eating to help you learn to connect to your innate biological cues. Your coach will teach you how to put aside diets, detoxes, and rules and provide practical tips and tools to implement intuitive Eating into your everyday life.

If you’re ready to take the following steps, sign up for the next round of OnPoint Connections Intuitive Eating today to secure your spot.

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