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PCOS Group Program

A comprehensive 10-week virtual program filled with easy-to-follow learning modules with individualized & group support.

Join a community of women like you who are navigating life with PCOS.

Build knowledge and get support to improve your quality of life.

In this group, you will learn about the science of PCOS and take a deep dive into holistic nutrition and wellness practices to conquer symptoms. The knowledge you gain will help you connect with your body and have the confidence to reclaim your health. You'll also have the chance to connect with women who are experiencing the same struggles as you. 

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This group is for you if you want to:


Feel supported after a PCOS diagnosis


Connect with like-minded women who are on a similar PCOS journey


Build confidence with your food choices, meal planning, and exercise to help manage your PCOS



Explore PCOS symptoms, causes, and treatments


Use mindfulness and mindful eating as tools for living your best life with PCOS


Learn how to give your body what it needs to feel your best and to conquer your PCOS symptoms

Meet Your Coach

Taylor Zaborski RDN, LD

Hi, I'm Taylor!

Since becoming a dietitian in 2016, I've helped countless women who have struggled with PCOS. I know this condition can be tough to navigate, but I'm committed to helping you see success through support, education, and sustainable changes. 

Over the years, I have learned that with PCOS, knowledge is power. My ultimate goal is for you to understand how to live your best life by managing your PCOS symptoms through holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Through OnPoint's PCOS Group Program, I will help you understand how PCOS affects your body and how food and nutrition can improve your symptoms. I want you to feel supported in this journey and connect with other group members who will remind you that you are not alone.

I understand that PCOS can often feel frustrating without a concrete direction for managing symptoms day-to-day. Together, we will tackle the challenges of a PCOS diagnosis, including making the right food and lifestyle choices, incorporating mindfulness, and arming you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in managing your condition. I'm excited to lead you through this program and I can't wait to meet you soon!

Your Program Includes



One 25-minute one-on-one Individual Assessment with Taylor Zaborski, RDN, LD.

We'll review what to expect the next 10 weeks, personal goals and set up your online resources. 



Five, Bi-Weekly, 60-minute interactive group coaching sessions led by Taylor.

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom and recorded. Group session recordings will be posted 24 hours later in your personal food journaling app for future viewing.

Date & Time

Session Topic

Tuesday, June 27th,

1:30PM EST

  • PCOS Basics
  • Food Groups

Tuesday, July 11th,

1:30PM EST

  • How to Meal Plan for PCOS
  • Satisfying Snacks
  • Debunking Diet Myths

Tuesday, July 25th,

1:30PM EST

  • Mindfulness 101 and Coping with Stress
  • Eating Disorders, Body Image, and PCOS
  • Learning to Eat Mindfully 

Tuesday, August 8th,

1:30PM EST

  • Self-Care and PCOS (Acne, Hair Growth, Sleep and Exercise)
  • Top Supplements for PCOS Symptoms

Tuesday, August 22nd,

1:30PM EST

  • Planning Your Next Doctor's Visit 
  • Advocating for Yourself 


Weekly Learning Modules & Personalized Food Journal

Apply what you learn and bring your new skills to life.


Private Unlimited Messaging with Taylor.

Private messaging with Taylor between your biweekly group sessions ensure an individualized experience.


Recipe Database & Handy Nutrition Guides

Be inspired by hundreds of recipes when motivation (and time) is scarce. Make learning easier with helpful tools! Grocery shopping guides, meal planning tips, mindfulness, stress management, and MORE!

Program Cost



5-week Installment Option

Payment 1: $200.00

Payment 2: $200.00


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Client Testimonials

Taylor was amazing! She listened to my many needs, even the emotionally driven thoughts! She handled them with realness and professionalism.
They have been a lifesaver! I was diagnosed with PCOS and had dealt with health issues and weight concerns my whole life. They helped me to jump some of these hurdles that were way too difficult for me to deal with on my own.
What I've loved about working with OnPoint is that we're looking at more than just my nutrition but a bigger picture. We've talked about other health indicators besides weight, stressors, what nutrients are missing from my diet, scheduling of life, sleep and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are the sessions hosted?

Your one-on-one Individual Assessment with Zoe and all group sessions are hosted via Zoom.  Group sessions will be held at 5:00 pm EST.

What happens if I miss one of the group sessions?

No worries! We’ll be recording all group sessions and sharing via your Food Journaling App in case you miss one or need a refresher.

What happens after completing the program?

After 10 weeks you will be well on your way to understanding your PCOS symptoms, be ready to talk to your doctor regarding questions and treatments, feel empowered in your food and exercise choices, and feeling more calm in your everyday life; but, your journey with OnPoint does not need to end there. After completing the group program, you can continue working 1:1 with an OnPoint RD to further strengthen your relationship with food and your body. All graduating members of the group will receive 5% off any of our programs.

Connection is Key

To ensure a personal and intimate experience, our OnPoint™ Connections groups are open to 8 participants only.   Each participant is asked to submit an application prior to enrollment to ensure our group is a great fit for you.

Once your application is received and reviewed, our team will be in touch with next steps.

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