Nutrition Counseling - What is it and how does it work?

Nutrition counseling is an ongoing process between you and a healthcare professional (an OnPoint nutritionist) in which you learn about your dietary needs and identify opportunities to improve your habits and routines to better provide your body with the nutrients and energy it needs.  Throughout the counseling process, our nutritionists will provide you with educational materials, food/meal planning strategies, encouragement and support, and the accountability that will help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Education

OnPoint nutrition counselors help you build an educational foundation in nutrition.  The process is ongoing and iterative, and helps you understand the logic and science behind your dietary changes.

Early in the nutrition counseling process, we help you build an educational foundation in nutrition science.  This way, as you progress through your nutrition counseling plan, you understand the science and reasoning behind the changes you make.  Among other things, your nutritionist teaches you about the major macronutrient categories, how to approach calories and food intake, and how to think through planning and timing your meals.

During nutrition counseling, our nutritionists work with you to make the learning process ongoing and iterative.  Concepts build upon each other and have practical application.  In working with a nutritionist, some of the things you will learn include: the science behind building a balanced meal, how to decipher the terms on a nutrition label, and the biological triggers to food cravings and how to overcome them.

We believe that an educational focus is critically important to your long-term success.  JAMA and Cornell agree: they both have published findings on how effective nutrition counseling improves health.  In developing a working knowledge of nutrition, you will be able to make better choices on your own, and will be better able to problem-solve when faced with food-related predicaments.


OnPoint nutrition counselors help you achieve your goals by implementing personalized coaching plans.

Above all else, your nutritionist is your coach.  Like an athletics coach, your nutritionist will be most helpful when she understands your current habits and tendencies.  This learning process begins during your initial consultation discussion, and is further informed by your ongoing food logs.

After working with your nutrition counselor to determine your goals, your counselor will work with you to begin brainstorming small changes in your daily routine.  In determining appropriate changes, you and your counselor will discuss realistic changes considering your schedule, food preferences, social influences, and other cost and time constraints.  Initial changes may include: integrating more snacks into your day, making simple food swaps toward items that have better nutritional value, and improving when you eat your major meals.  You will be amazed at how making incremental changes can build into significant lifestyle improvements.

The change process will be challenging, which is why we are here.  You will work with your nutritionist to set short term goals that are specific, measurable and achievable.  Documenting your progress toward these goals will help you stay on track, and allows us to celebrate your successes as you continue to make improvements to your eating decisions.  We know you will inevitably encounter moments of frustration and minor setbacks.  During these teaching moments, your nutritionist will help you frame these minor challenges in the proper prospective, and will provide you with options and choices to help you make better choices in the future.

Your nutritionist will wear many hats: cheerleader, teacher, accountability partner.  All of these roles are necessary to help you maintain your focus, persevere through plateaus, and maintain a constructive mindset throughout the health and/or weight loss journey.


OnPoint nutrition counselors always have their clents' best interests at heart. Your quality of life and long term success are top priority.
Our nutritionists believe that developing an educational foundation in nutrition and learning how to make incremental improvements to your diet best prepare you for long-term success.  Once you have achieved your initial health and/or weight loss goals and progressed through your stabilization period, we hope that you will continue to meet with your nutritionist to help you plan for special occasions and quickly resolve new dietary and schedule-related challenges.  OnPoint provides a great support system for maintaining your improved lifestyle for the long-haul.

Is There Nutrition Counseling Near Me?

The short answer is yes!  We humbly request that you check out our approach in more detail.  We provide online nutrition counseling to people and groups across the country.

You may even find that your nutrition counseling is covered by insurance.  If you are covered by Aetna or IBX, you can easily find us in their provider directory!


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