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The 5 Best Dietitians for Pregnancy in 2024

The 5 Best Dietitians for Pregnancy in 2024?noresize

If you landed here, chances are you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, and looking for support from a prenatal dietitian.

Searching for an educated, qualified dietitian during pregnancy can be an overwhelming process.

We’re here to save you time, energy, and maybe even money.

Instead of sifting through the endless options available and wasting time with coaches or nutrition programs that don’t work, we made this list for you.

Here at OnPoint Nutrition, our team of dietitians and nutritionists has helped over 3,000 people just like you find the best dietitian for them and achieve their goals.

We believe in the power of nutrition and know how valuable quality nutrition counseling is. We don’t want anyone to get sucked into another program that simply does not work.

We also know that we’re not the only dietitians who help people like you navigate eating during pregnancy, and clients often ask us how we compare to other nutrition coaches and programs.

Because we truly want you to find the best dietitian for you, we put together a list of the best prenatal dietitians to work with.

Best Dietitians for Pregnancy

Feed Your Zest

Who Are They?

Feed Your Zest is run by McKenzie Caldwell, a women’s health registered dietitian who specializes in:

  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Individual and couples fertility nutrition
  • PCOS
  • Missing periods and disordered eating
  • Gestational diabetes 

What Do They Offer?

Feed Your Zest offers a variety of nutrition coaching services that focus on both the physical and mental health needs of pregnancy.

McKenzie’s individual or couples nutrition counseling includes:

  • An in-depth initial assessment
  • Bi-weekly follow-up appointments for 3 months
  • A customized supplement plan
  • Individualized weekly meal planning and recipe suggestions
  • Weekly food and blood sugar logging with feedback and encouragement 

She also offers a group program, Fully Nourished Pregnancy, that includes both an educational online course and a community of people who are pregnant or planning for pregnancy and want to leave diet culture, unsolicited pregnancy advice, and endless Googling behind.

Fully Nourished Pregnancy is a yearlong program that provides insight into how to eat intuitively during the preconception phase and during pregnancy to nourish both women and their growing babies.

Why Did They Make Our List?

With a variety of offerings, Feed Your Zest provides various levels of education and guidance to work for each individual.

Heather Bauer

Who Are They?

Heather Bauer is a registered dietitian who offers professional pre and post-natal nutrition counseling. She has over 20 years of experience working with women both before and after birth.

What Do They Offer?

Heather offers 100% personalized nutrition counseling to help moms achieve their goals and stay there for good.

Her nutrition programs include:

  • Personalized plans that are custom-built for each individual’s tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.
  • Expert coaching via video, voice, and text to keep individuals motivated and on track toward their goals.
  • Compliance monitoring for accountability via food journaling and routine check-ins. 

Why Did They Make Our List?

With decades of experience, Heather is both educated and experienced in prenatal nutrition.

Kristin Brown

Who Are They?

Kristin Brown is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant who provides virtual nutrition counseling throughout the United States and Canada. She specializes in prenatal and fertility nutrition counseling.

What Do They Offer?

Kristin offers individual nutrition counseling during pregnancy, which includes:

  • A full nutrition assessment
  • Bi-weekly follow-up appointments via video
  • An individualized nutrition prescription 
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Specific supplement recommendations

Her goal is to teach expectant mothers:

  • How various foods can impact your baby’s health
  • Nutrients that may be missing from your diet that are critical
  • Nutrition and lifestyle tips for managing pregnancy symptoms
  • Key nutrition strategies to help support optimal health of mom and baby
  • Specific recommendations on supplements based on gaps that exist in your diet
  • How to balance your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day
  • How to get your freezer filled so you’re ready for the postpartum period
  • Nutrients of importance during breastfeeding/the postpartum healing period

Why Did They Make Our List?

Kristin’s programs are totally personalized to each individual, and widely available throughout both the United States and Canada.

The Pregnancy Dietitian

Who Are They?

The Pregnancy Dietitian is run by Katie Goldberg, a registered dietitian, health coach, and mom. Katie guides women through the research and best practices so they can confidently nourish their bodies and their babies during pregnancy and beyond.

What Do They Offer?

Katie offers both pregnancy and postpartum services.

For moms-to-be, The Pregnancy Dietitian offers two programs.

  • Pregnancy Basics is a single, 45-minute virtual session to ask questions and check in throughout pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Dietitian On-Demand includes unlimited support via monthly virtual sessions and unlimited support between sessions.

For new moms, she also offers two programs.

  • Postpartum Tune-Up is a 45-minute single session without any long-term commitment.
  • Postpartum Dietitian On-Demand includes unlimited virtual support that includes monthly virtual sessions and unlimited support between sessions.

Why Did They Make Our List?

The Pregnancy Dietitian offers support during pregnancy, but also postpartum, which allows new moms to have support through pregnancy, the fourth trimester, and beyond.

The Prenatal Nutritionist 

Who Are They?

The Prenatal Nutritionist, Ryann Kipping, is a registered dietitian who focuses on helping women escape confusing and outdated nutrition information to have a happy, feel-good pregnancy.

What Do They Offer?

Unlike the other dietitians on this list, Ryann doesn’t offer individual nutrition counseling. However, her library of prenatal nutrition information and educational content on social media earned her a spot on this list.

Ryann’s library, The Prenatal Nutrition Library, answers the questions pregnant women google. It includes the most up-to-date nutrition science and gives clear, real-life answers to guide healthy choices throughout pregnancy.

The Prenatal Nutrition Library includes:

  • New weekly content
  • Researches topics from A to Z
  • Easy to navigate educational notebooks
  • Note takeaways and action tips
  • A search feature
  • A community and questions forum
  • Access to both an app and browser version of the library
  • Monthly support calls with Ryann and guest speakers
  • Quick guides on common pregnancy topics
  • Meal plans for each trimester, preconception, and gestational diabetes

Aside from the library, Ryann’s Instagram page contains thousands of educational posts that are both trustworthy and free.

Why Did They Make Our List?

The Prenatal Nutritionist offers a vast range of educational content on pregnancy that can help women reduce stress and gain confidence during an overwhelming time in their lives.

How To Choose the Best Dietitian for You 

Now that you have more details on five of the best prenatal dietitians, it’s time to narrow down your choices and make your decision. 

We recommend taking two steps to choose the best fit for you. 

Step 1: Educate Yourself

If you haven’t already, spend some time educating yourself on dietitians, nutrition counseling, and everything they entail so you are prepared to find the best fit for you.

Learn more:

Take some time to learn more about the dietitians and programs you are interested in, too. We gave you the basics, but the more information you have the more confidence you will feel. 

Confidence in yourself, and in your dietitian, will allow you to fully commit and achieve your goals once and for all.

Step 2: Ask Questions

If you’re not 100% sure that a dietitian is right for you, ask more questions! The relationship you have with your dietitian is important so making sure they are both qualified and a good fit for you is crucial.

You may want to ask questions about their:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Training
  • Specialties
  • Personality
  • Level of support

Is OnPoint The Nutrition Counseling Service for You?

While these five are some of the best prenatal dietitians, we truly believe in the effectiveness of our nutrition counseling for pregnancy.

Our team is educated and experienced. Our virtual nutrition coaching is available worldwide. We work with women before, during, and after pregnancy to optimize their health and well-being in all stages of life.

We’re passionate about learning and love to teach. Our blog covers pregnancy topics ranging from foods to eat and foods to avoid during pregnancy to how to deal with cravings and food aversions.

If these factors have you ready to take the next step in your journey, learn more about our nutrition coaching programs, then schedule a consultation to take the first step toward your goals. 

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