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What kitchen gadgets do I need?

What kitchen gadgets do I need??noresize

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Cooking doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult! In fact it can and should be part of your daily and weekly routine. These kitchen gadgets (among so many others) can make your time in the kitchen easier and - dare I say- FUN! Multi tasking is a cinch when you have a gadget and your oven or stove top going. But hey, why stop at one gadget? Whether you’re a seasoned culinary master or a novice, let these get your creative juices flowing.

Digital Food Scale

This may be the most important tool in your kitchen! A reliable food scale is a must have for controlling portions and serving sizes.  Also, digital is the way to go!

Measuring cups - Wet & Dry

These little cups and spoons are just as important as your new food scale.  Portioning is key!

Rice cooker

Cooking grains can be time consuming.  A rice cooker can make this process easy as pie!

Knife set

Safety is a definite priority when working in the kitchen.  Using dull knives is frustrating and dangerous.  If you don't want to splurge on a full set, I recommend picking up at least a chef and paring knife.  

Slow cooker

This gadget can cook an entire meal with minimal effort.  If you're a busy mom, these things are life savers!

Vegetable & fruit peeler

This little tool makes peeling carrots, potatoes, or even apples that much easier.

Cast iron skillet

A cast iron skillet can go from stove top to oven seamlessly.  This will cut down on clean up time.

Cutting boards

I prefer plastic over wood and using different colors to separate raw meat from everything else. Wood cutting boards are porous and can trap bacteria.

Glass containers

Glass bowls are easier to clean and can safely be microwaved.

Instant read thermometer

Nothing ruins a dinner party like under cooked meat.  To ensure your meats are cooked thoroughly, invest!

Egg Cooker

Making the perfect hard boiled eggs is easier said than done.  An egg cooker makes soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs to perfection, and in minimal time.

Garlic press

No chopping necessary anymore!

Grapefruit knife/orange knife

Minimalistic dull plastic tools to get the peels started!

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