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Meet Zoe

Zoe graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and a minor in Psychology and successfully passed the Registered Dietitian exam in August of 2014.  Zoe is also a Certified Diabetes Educator with a lot of knowledge and experience about how to prevent diabetes, deal with prediabetes, and manage diabetes.

Before joining the team at OnPoint Nutrition, Zoe started her career at a weight management center, helping clients achieve weight loss goals ranging from 10-200 pounds and later a position at Holy Redeemer Hospital as both an inpatient and outpatient Clinical Dietitian. Her passion is motivating clients to meet their health and wellness goals. Zoe believes "a healthy diet is a diet that fits your lifestyle and is filled with an abundance of wholesome foods that are nutritious and flavorful!"

Specialties: Autoimmune diseases, bariatric surgery recovery and lifestyle, cardiac disease, diabetes type 1 and 2, diverticulitis, eating disorder recovery, endocrine disorders, food allergies, gestational diabetes, gut health, kidney disease, nutrient deficiencies, nutrition for fitness, PCOS, postpartum support, SIBO, vegetarian and vegan diets, weight management, whole food plant-based lifestyle

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More About Zoe


Diabetes Support


A community support group for those who struggle with Diabetes, led by Registered Dietitian Zoe Fienman from OnPoint Nutrition! We are here to answer any questions you have surrounding nutrition support related to Diabetes.

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Here’s How Much a Philly Nutritionist Really Spends on Food in a Week

A week in the life of Zoe Fienman, a registered dietitian with OnPoint Nutrition.

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Lifestyle Improvements for Prediabetes

Creating a lifestyle that supports your Prediabetes includes evaluating what you eat, how you move and your self-care practices. Watch the webinar and learn the necessary healthy habits to achieve your goals.

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Allix Wilde OnPoint Client
So glad to have found OnPoint - I’ve been working with Zoe for about two months now and she’s helped me rethink how I eat to fuel workouts, take care of my physical health, and feel better overall!  
Amanda Horlacher OnPoint Client
 Zoe was able to make a healthy eating simple during a stressful time. The weekly checkins and app make it easy to stay on plan. Zoe is always offering new recipes and different ways to keep moving throughout the week. 

Zoe's Favorite Recipes

"Health is not about the weight you lose but about the life you gaina healthy outside starts from the inside."


Cooked Salmon Poke



If you're obsessed with poke bowls, this recipe is for you! Feel free to change up the vegetables or protein for your perfect poke creation!

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Pumpkin Black Bean Turkey Chili

Think pumpkin is just for baked goods and lattes? Think again!  The flavor is mild, and the creamy texture of the pumpkin will be a welcome addition to any dish! Might as well get those antioxidants where you can!

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Pumpkin Energy Snack


Pumpkin Energy Bites are the perfect bite-sized, tastes-like-fall snack that is packed with fiber and unsaturated fat for a healthy pick me up!

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It shouldn't be so hard to live a happy, healthy life.


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