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Meet Liz

Liz graduated from Penn State University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Nutrition, as well as a bachelor's degree in Marketing. She completed her dietetic internship with Aramark in Philadelphia, and her master's degree at Northeastern University shortly after. 

Before joining OnPoint, Liz worked with students and student athletes at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. She loved the ability to help young adults shape their future habits! Before GCU, Liz spent a few years working in corporate wellness and doing virtual nutrition counseling.  

Liz is currently living in Pittsburgh after spending a few years living in Scottsdale, Arizona and the previous years living in Old City, Philadelphia. Liz is happiest when teaching spin classes, trying new, healthy recipes, and taking long walks with her husband and bernedoodle. 

Specialties: Eating disorder recovery, food allergies, intuitive eating, postpartum support, prenatal nutrition, relationship with body, relationship with food, sports dietetics, stress management, thyroid disorders, vegetarian and vegan diets, weight management, whole food plant-based lifestyle

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Jesse Whitacre OnPoint Client
They help you make the little changes that get you where you want to go, and help you avoid those things you might be doing, without knowing, that were holding you back.
I lost fat, gained muscle and I like the way I look. Liz helped me understand how to do this and more importantly how to maintain this. Thanks
Kinsey Robinson OnPoint Client
My journey with nutrition/food has always been very difficult. With my Nutritionist (Liz - she’s amazing) I have been able to completely reset my mindset and habits over the last 9 months. I never thought I would be in a place of enjoying food without guilt and confusion but here I am!

Liz's Favorite Recipes

"My biggest tip for healthy eating is to make the healthy option the easy option. Have a plan, prepare yourself ahead of time, set yourself up for success!"


PB&J Frozen Yogurt Bars

This simple dessert is made with only 5 ingredients and is packed with healthy fats and protein!

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Avocado Corn Salad

Our corn avocado salad is the perfect summer or spring side! Get a healthy serving of veggies and omega 3 fatty acids from avocados with this fresh dish.

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Cauli Berry Shake

Cauli Berry Smoothie

We like adding cauliflower because the flavor profile doesn't change much, but the texture becomes creamy and dreamy! Try this recipe the next time you need a veggie boost!

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It shouldn't be so hard to live a happy, healthy life.  

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