The Group Program Experience

Group Nutrition Coaching - What is it and How is OnPoint Different?


Tailored learning modules, personalized support, and a variety of resources at your fingertips - start achieving your health and wellness goals with ease!

We’re here to help you ditch diet culture and take control of your health once and for all.


Expert Coaching, Learning Modules, and Group Support!

Our program is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with ease, by providing you with easy-to-follow learning modules that are tailored to your unique needs. You'll get the support you need from both individualized support and group coaching, all from the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Sign up today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!

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Benefits of Our Group Programs

Foster a sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals working toward similar goals.


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Kickoff Meeting

A kickoff meeting is essential to the success of any group program as it sets the tone for the entire experience, establishes goals and expectations, and ensures that all participants are aligned and focused on achieving a common objective.


Learning Modules

By breaking down complex topics into smaller, more manageable sections, our learning modules enable participants to absorb and retain information more effectively, while also providing opportunities for practice and reinforcement. 


Resources at Your Fingertips

By providing convenient access to a variety of resources and tools like our App and Member Portal, our program can support individuals in making healthier choices, tracking progress, and staying motivated.

More Awesome Features

To ensure you are learning through your coaching, we have developed a comprehensive set of materials that will accompany you through your time with us. You will use these materials during your program, and throughout the 167 hours of the week when you are not meeting with your nutritionist.

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Meal Planning Guide

What It Is: Your nutritionist will build your personal Meal Planning Guide based upon your nutrition goals, demographics, activity level and current medical conditions. This plan outlines how many servings of each food group we recommend you eat each day in order to achieve your goals.

Why It's Helpful: You have to start somewhere. Your Meal Planning Guide is not to be treated like a "meal plan". It is flexible with any schedule and can be molded to any food preference.

How to use it: We review this plan during your kick-off call and it serves as the foundation for your program. This will change and evolve as you continue through your coaching.

OnPoint Member Portal

What It Is: Our Member Portal is the center of all activity at OnPoint. Easily access upcoming online events, hundreds of recipes in our database, self-help books and podcasts, shopping lists, exclusive product discounts and our library of nutrition guides.

Why It's Helpful: Content in our Member Portal is curated by the entire OnPoint team. Our portal provides hand selected resources that our entire staff loves to use with their clients.

How You Use It: Your nutritionist/dietitian will recommend resources from the portal based on your specific goals and health needs. You also have 24/7 access to discover resources that you and/or your family may find useful!

Recipe Database

What It Is: The Recipe Database contains nourishing and quick recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all dietary preferences. We make food logging easy with detailed ingredient lists and food group targets that accompany each recipe.

Why It's Helpful: Perhaps you need a bit of inspiration to plan nourishing meals that satisfy. Our nutrition professionals have tailored each recipe to align with each food group and proper portion size.  The meals are designed to be both nutritious and easy to make.  

How You Use It: We regularly add new recipes each week in hopes you will build a repository of nourishing options to reach your health goals.

Our Technology

What It Is: Tracking your progress is important.  Our App includes hassle free tracking - calorie free, the way it should be!  

Why It's Helpful: Tracking allows you to determine where you need to dedicate the most attention and energy to. Developing an active and mindful sense of what you put into your body, how you move throughout the week and your feelings towards food will help you continue to make positive, healthy improvements.

How You Use It: You can seamlessly log your meal and snack choices, recommended food group servings, water intake, movement, weight (but only if you want to!), daily reflections and progress.  Your OnPoint logging app also includes direct messaging with your personal nutritionist.