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Vegan Breakfasts

Vegan Breakfasts?noresize

When planning out your week of meals, breakfast should be the one meal that is not over-looked. You want to start your day out on the right foot by adding in a healthy well-balanced meal to provide you with the nutrients your body needs to stay energized all day. Pick your favorite vegan-friendly recipes to help create a plan that keeps you balanced, full and energized all day! Here are some sample vegan breakfast ideas to get your breakfast planning ball rolling.

Peanut Butter and Banana Steel Cut Oatmeal

If you are looking for a breakfast that can be made in 10 minutes or less but packed full of nutrients, this Peanut Butter and Banana Steel Cut Oatmeal is for you! Steel cut oatmeal is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that can help influence your mood, lower cholesterol and keep your GI tracts healthy and efficient.   This high-fiber breakfast will help you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time, leaving less room for increased cravings or unnecessary snacking which can help support your weight loss goals.   Not a big banana fan? No problem! Feel free to swap the fruit with your favorite to keep you coming back for more!

Tofu ScrambleVegan-Tofu-Scramble-1

Love being a vegan but miss eating eggs? This tofu-scramble is just the meal for you! This quick and tasty vegan breakfast recipe gives you the feeling (and look) of scrambled eggs, without the actual eggs. This tofu scramble provides you with a great source of protein, iron and calcium, all nutrients you want to consume while following a Vegan diet. Spruce it up by adding in your favorite vegetables and a side of toast to really start your day out right!

Easy Overnight Oats

Breakfast does not have to be complicated. This Overnight Oats recipe takes about 5 minutes to prepare a week’s worth of breakfasts, 6 hours to “cook,” and that happens while you are sleeping! Each morning you can stir in your favorite toppings like fresh fruit, your favorite nut butter, or seeds to change the flavors daily.

Berry and Oat Smoothie BowlVegan-Berry-Oat-Smoothie-Bowl-1

This smoothie bowl not only looks pretty, but it will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to tackle your day! Another bonus is the prep and clean up are super easy too!   The combination of nuts, seeds, oats, and fruit will help you satisfy any cravings you have first thing in the morning.   The key to having a complete and balanced breakfast is to include nutrients like fat and starches together to give you a boost of energy but digest slow so we do not have a crash in energy later in the day.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip MuffinsVegan-Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip-Muffin-1

Did you say muffins!? Even with a goal of weight loss, these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins can be included in your breakfast line up. They are packed full of beta-carotine (promotes brain heath and protects our vision), fiber (leave us feeling fuller longer) and vitamin A (strengthens our immune health), plus, we’re eating muffins for breakfast! Whip up a batch of these muffins to keep as a quick grab and go breakfast, or use them as a snack to keep our sweet tooth feeling satisfied.

Our team helps people implement vegan and vegetarian lifestyles for many goals: weight loss, disease management, and improved quality of life.  Visit our main page to learn more!

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