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Low FODMAP Lunch

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Low FODMAP Lunch- Pumpkin lentil salad: 

Calling all pumpkin lovers! This recipe gives you all the fall flavor without weighing you down like the typical heavy fall chilis and stews. Not spooky season? Switch out the pumpkin for sweet potatoes. For an extra boost of protein, you can add some chicken on top of this delicious mix of low FODMAP veggies!

Low FODMAP Lunch- Minestrone soup:

I swear, there are few things in life better than a nice warm bowl of soup. Minestrone is a great option because it is packed with veggies, so it is light enough for warmer months, but warm and cozy enough for cold winter months as well! All of the veggies in this recipe are FODMAP-friendly, making this the perfect soup for anyone struggling with IBS. 

Low FODMAP Lunch- Vegan nourishing bowl:

Vegan or not, you HAVE to try this bowl of low FODMAP delicousness! The title of this recipe is so OnPoint (pun intented) because this bowl has the perfect mix of low FODMAP starch, plant protein, and veggies- hello nourishment! This is the perfect recipe for a Sunday meal prep to have for lunches for the week. 

Low FODMAP Lunch- Quinoa chicken ranch wrap:

Quinoa... in a wrap? Yes, you heard it here first, folks. This is a great option for a quick lunch at home or to pack for work. The key here is finding a good low FODMAP wrap. This recipe uses a gluten free tortilla, but you also have the option to make your own

Low FODMAP Lunch- Hawaiian chicken salad:

Picture it with me: you're sitting on the beach, cold drink in your hand, not an ounce of bloating from your IBS because you made this amazing low FODMAP Hawaiian chicken salad... need I say more? 

To read more about foods to avoid, foods to eat and how to make easy changes to your IBS diet to mitigate your symptoms, download our IBS Nutrition Guide. 

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