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Meet Kaitlyn

After overcoming her own battle with gastrointestinal issues in high school, she decided to make her passion for healthy living into a career.

Kaitlyn pursued a degree in nutrition and wellness to further her knowledge in the field. She now works as a Registered Dietitian and our Client Experience Manager, helping others improve their health through dietary guidance and lifestyle changes.

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Autoimmune disorders, cardiac disease, Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis, FODMAP, food allergies gut health, HTN, IBS, LEAP protocol, nutrition for fitness, PCOS, relationship with food, SIBO, stress management, Ulcerative Colitis, weight management

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Counseling Style

Kaitlyn leads with empathy, cultivating authentic connections that reveal barriers standing between clients and their goals. Blending compassion with accountability, she provides structured support to help clients feel understood as they progress towards sustainable change.

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Kaitlyn Willwerth received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2017 and completed her Master of Science and Dietetic Internship from Ohio University in 2019.



Kaitlyn is a Certified LEAP therapist, having completed advanced clinical training in managing adverse food reactions with an emphasis on food sensitivities.  She has also completed the Monash University 'Low FODMAP Diet for IBS' online training course for health professionals.

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Gut Health Support Group

Join Kaitlyn's Facebook group to get answers to your questions about Gut Health, build your community of support, and connect with others like you who are on their way to better health!
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I Was Diagnosed with Celiac Disease During a Pandemic

OnPoint Nutrition Registered Dietitian, Kaitlyn Willwerth shares her expert advice on how to manage a new celiac disease diagnosis. “Be forgiving of yourself, and get creative, because you can have a lot of fun with food"
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The Stress Gut Connection

In this webinar, Kaitlyn discusses how stress and gut health are connected and step by step suggestions on how to reduce your stress.  
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Tiffany Bandy OnPoint Client
After suffering with IBS and GI symptoms for years with no improvement, I decided to work with Kaitlyn. OnPoint is what I needed to finally succeed in managing my symptoms.
Joseph Gianotti OnPoint Client
My knowledge of nutrition has grown exponentially because of the care and time Kaitlyn takes to guide and teach me. OnPoint has changed my life - worth every penny.

Kaitlyn's Favorite Recipes

"There's a misconception that cooking has to be complicated and elaborate to be delicious, which is just not the case. You can make healthful delicious meals with a small window of time and a few simple ingredients, which is why I love our OnPoint recipes!"


Crockpot Turkey Meatballs

Crockpot meals are an easy way to meal prep during a busy week. Enjoy our turkey meatball recipe, for a healthy twist on a classic!

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Pad Thai

It's time to throw away that take-out menu, you've got dinner covered tonight. Enjoy this amazing Pad Thai recipe for a quick weekend dish!

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Nut Butter Snack Bites

These snack bites are perfect when you're in the mood for snackin'! This combo of pb and cashew butter left us with the dreamiest texture and almost cookie-dough like flavor. 

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It shouldn't be so hard to live a happy, healthy life.


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