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Vegetarian Restaurants and Dining Out

Vegetarian Restaurants and Dining Out?noresize

Dining out can be tricky to navigate – especially if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. No need to fear, we have prepared the steps and strategies for a successful dining out experience!

Be prepared

The number one step when dining out is to review the menu ahead of time. Scan the menu for vegetarian friendly options – there may be salads, entrees, sides and appetizers that align with your preferences. If does not appear to be anything on the menu, you can even call the restaurant ahead of time so that you are prepared before you go.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Share your dietary preferences known with the server and/or staff. Asking questions is the best way to ensure your preferences are met. Do they use chicken stock when cooking? Do they have any vegetarian options on the menu? If not, can they accommodate you with a vegetarian item off the menu? More times than not, a restaurant is happy to answer questions and make these adjustments for your dietary preferences.

Make swaps

When scanning the menu, many times an entrée or food item can be easily swapped or omitted to be vegetarian friendly. Scan the menu – do they serve beans, lentils or avocado on the menu in other dishes? If so, you know that they serve these food items and can likely swap out an animal protein for a vegetarian protein.

Keep in mind vegetarian friendly cuisines

Do you have control over where you are dining out? There are many cuisines that are vegetarian focused and very accommodating! For example, at a Mexican restaurant you could order a black bean burrito, rice and beans with veggies, or veggie fajitas.

Indian restaurants often have many vegetarian options such as chana masala, vegetable curry, salads, stews and more. Some other cuisines such as Mediterranean, Thai, or Japanese have a variety of vegetarian options to choose from!

Our team helps people implement vegan and vegetarian lifestyles for many goals: weight loss, disease management, and improved quality of life.  Visit our main page to learn more!

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