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Our Philosophy

you + us + technology = success

Client Centered Counseling at its Finest

We believe that everyone wants to eat the right foods and take care of their body. It’s a fact. And because you are an eating and breathing person, we also believe that working with another person one-on-one is the best way to keep you on-track. We combine the perfect mix of technology and human guidance to teach you how to make better choices every day.

One On One Active Coaching

The change process will be challenging, which is why we are here.  You will work with your nutritionist to set short-term goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable.  Documenting your progress toward these goals will help you stay on track, and allows us to celebrate your successes as you continue to make improvements to your eating decisions.  We know you will inevitably encounter moments of frustration and minor setbacks.  During these teaching moments, your nutritionist will help you frame these minor challenges in the proper perspective, and will provide you with options and choices to help you make better choices in the future.

After working with your nutrition counselor to determine your goals, your counselor will work with you to begin brainstorming small changes in your daily routine.  In determining appropriate changes, you and your counselor will discuss realistic changes considering your schedule, food preferences, social influences, and other cost and time constraints.  Initial changes may include: integrating more snacks into your day, making simple food swaps toward items that have better nutritional value, and improving when you eat your major meals.  You will be amazed at how making incremental changes can build into significant lifestyle improvements.

Your nutritionist will wear many hats: cheerleader, teacher, accountability partner.  All of these roles are necessary to help you maintain your focus, persevere through plateaus, and maintain a constructive mindset throughout the health and/or weight loss journey.

You Eat Real Food

...because that's the way it SHOULD be.

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Preparing and selecting your own meals is a key component of your weight loss and nutrition success. We are aware that there are other weight loss methods on the market that rely on taking pills such as “fat burners” or “metabolism boosters”. Other systems force you to eat pre-packaged meals loaded with preservatives and synthetic ingredients.  

Unfortunately, nutrition professionals also know that these programs are often successful during initial weight loss.  However, how do you expect to maintain your healthy weight?  Do you plan to take the pills for the rest of your life?  Do you plan to eat pre-packaged meals three times per day, day after day (after day…)?  A recent 2015 study in the British Journal of Nutrition (Volume 113) found that eating non-diet pre-packaged meals (aka "TV Dinners") was independently associated with abdominal obesity, and was directly correlated with higher levels of energy intake and poor adherence to national nutrition recommendations.

We believe that successful weight loss and weight maintenance takes place when your “weight loss routine” mirrors your "normal routine".  In this way, your nutrition counselor teaches you the right foods to eat, and adjusts your food quantities to achieve 1-2 pounds of weight loss each week.  You will learn both how to cook your own meals at home, and how to identify the healthy options on a restaurant menu.  During weight stabilization, you will continue to eat the same foods, but you will learn how much food your body needs to feel full, satisfied, and sustain your healthy weight!


Early in the nutrition counseling process, we help you build an educational foundation in nutrition science. We know that nutrition and scientific terms may sound like a foreign language to you. During nutrition counseling, our nutritionists work with you to make the learning process ongoing and iterative.  Concepts build upon each other and have practical application.  In working with a nutritionist, some of the things you will learn include: the science behind building a balanced meal, how to decipher the terms on a nutrition label, and the biological triggers to food cravings and how to overcome them.

This information is best digested in small bites.  Because you will meet with your nutritionist/dietitian frequently, you will regularly add new pieces of information to your knowledge bank, and you will be able to put these concepts to work as you learn them.  Learning, followed immediately by action, brings these academic concepts to life, helps you remember them, and makes them more valuable to your weight loss and lifestyle journey.

The ongoing virtual support of your nutritionist/dietitian, in conjunction with your program materials, will teach you the science and logic behind the changes you make, and enable you to make the long term lifestyle change you are looking to achieve.


Good nutrition is for everyone.

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An independent Registered Dietitian will likely charge ~$100 per hour, and many do not offer frequent enough meetings to troubleshoot and help you learn from the challenges you face every day.  At the other end of the spectrum, low-cost automated weight loss systems are not flexible and do not offer the level of attention you need to successfully improve your  health and nutrition.  We have developed an effective model midway between these two extremes.

From a cost perspective, we strive to deliver incredible value throughout your nutrition and weight loss journey, and we will never sacrifice service quality.  The main cost driver of your program is its length and frequency of sessions.  During your Consultation, we will discuss our three counseling programs and which is best for you!


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