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Meet Ivy

Ivy's interest in food and nutrition started at a very young age; her father owned a health food store in the late '70's.

Working for the USDA funded supplemental food program known as WIC, Ivy focused on working one on one with low-income, nutritionally at-risk pregnant and postpartum women and children under five years old. She spends her free time whipping up new and exciting dishes, practicing yoga, lifting weights in the gym, and reading with a warm cup of coffee in hand.

Nothing brings her more joy than seeing her clients discover how to nourish their bodies and create lasting lifelong habits!

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Body image, eating disorder recovery, family wellness, gut health, IBS, intuitive eating, mental health support, menu and meal planning, mindfulness, nutrition for fitness, PCOS, self-care, stress management, vegan and vegetarian diets, weight management.

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Counseling Style

Bringing profound empathy and compassion to each encounter, Ivy fosters strong, supportive relationships where clients feel genuinely heard and encouraged. With gentle accountability and a holistic viewpoint, she meets people where they are and promotes realistic, sustainable change by instilling self-confidence and restored health.

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Intrigued by a guest lecture on nutrition at her high school, she moved on to attend the West Chester University of Pennsylvania, earning a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Contemplative Studies in 2016.

More About Ivy

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Are Fad Diets Healthy?

If you’re unsure, look no further. I’m here to break these health buzzwords down so you can be a part of the convo and convince your friends and colleagues that “diets” may not be so cool, but lifestyle changes are!

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Self Love Mental Heath Corner

Self-Love and mindful moments with Ivy, an OnPoint Nutritionist.

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Menstrual Cycle Nutrition

Each month, women experience consistent and predictable hormone fluctuations. These hormonal fluctuations occur naturally… but if you listen to your body, you realize that each phase of your cycle can directly affect your mood, thoughts, and dietary choices.

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Josh OnPoint Client
I came to OnPoint stuck in a months long plateau, and had broken it within 2 weeks of joining...No one wants to be miserable while trying to lose weight, and OnPoint has made it a fun and enjoyable experience all the way around.
Amy Sainato OnPoint Client
 I was so tired of trying to guess what I should eat every day. Now I have a plan that is easy to follow and dosen't restrict food. I love that I can Zoom with Ivy and discuss my week and any upcoming challenges I will face! This program is great for anyone who is tired of dieting!

Ivy's Favorite Recipes

“Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean doing it all, it means doing the things that make you happy and leave you feeling your best.”


Cooked Salmon Poke Bowl

If you're obsessed with poke bowls, this recipe is for you! Feel free to change up the vegetables or protein for your perfect poke creation!

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Turkey Chili

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

What's better than a warm bowl of classic chili on a cold day? Try this recipe to get lots of veggies along with added protein and warming spices to satisfy your senses!

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Nut Butter Snack Bites

These snack bites are perfect when you're in the mood for snackin'! This combo of pb and cashew butter left us with the dreamiest texture and almost cookie-dough like flavor. 

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It shouldn't be so hard to live a happy, healthy life.  


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