"Whether you’re trying to lose 100 pounds or 10, OnPoint Nutrition will be the digital hand that smacks the doughnut away, via its easy-to-use food diary app and twice-weekly video-conferences."


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"It all starts and ends with what you put in your mouth. I lost 40 pounds by eating more, and working out less . I crave healthier foods now instead of the opposite. I have a healthy relationship with food now — not one dictated by convenience, lack of time, or emotions."

Kara B. Medford, NJ

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I finally stopped lying to myself and realized I needed some serious help.  I needed the personal one on one accountability and a detailed program I could follow step by step.  When I came across OnPoint they checked all those boxes, it was really a no brainier at that point.

Brandon T. Fort Worth, TX

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"I used to be so hung up on the number on the scale, it ruled my whole life. I’ve grown to learn that the number doesn’t actually matter; what matters is that I feel great, am the healthiest I have been in over a decade, and can appreciate my body for exactly what it is and what it can do."

Alyssa P Philadelphia, PA

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"I’ve been trying to lose weight for nearly 3 years, and always fell short of my goals. Now, with the proper guidance and proper treatment of my chronic condition, I am speeding fast towards my long-term goals and couldn’t be happier."

Lieren M. Quincy, MA

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"I had been through every diet program out there - Jenny Craig (3 times), Weight Watchers (4 times) and multiple protein shake type diets. If you are serious about making a change to your eating habits the team at OnPoint Nutrition could not make it any easier. They are kind, compassionate and really become your guide.  I feel really lucky to have discovered them!"

Steven A. Wayne, NJ

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